Avon’s New Absynthe Fragrance (Christian Lacroix)

14 March, 2009

Today I went to see my Avon lady, and I got samples of three new fragrances: Rebel Rose, Spotlight, and Christian Lacroix Absynthe. I will try out the other ones later, but I got to try the Absinthe fragrance, and I have my general thoughts.

This fragrance will not appeal to everybody. The original Rouge fragrance was a definite intense fragrance, a bit too much so for my tastes. This is definitely intense as well-right from the get-go you get a very strong bergamot as well as the absinthe and an anise. My mum took one whiff and immediately hated it, as it was definitely spicy. It supposedly has freesia, but I can’t tell. The heart of the fragrance supposedly has orchid, narcissus, saffron, and more floral notes. I don’t exactly know what saffron smells like, but I do pick up the orchid and the florals as well as a bit of spice. The drydown is musky and woody, and surprisingly enough after rubbing a little bit of the vial on my wrist 8 hours ago I can still smell the base later.

As far as wearability, it’s not for everyone, like I said. It will be too strong for many, and with my mum’s opinion of it I doubt I would wear it that much. It also requires a lot of confidence. It’s definitely not for a younger woman or a teenager because it will wear them, as opposed to them wearing the fragrance.

The bottle is really cool-a kind of pear shape with a floral design. It is exactly like the Rouge bottle, but is a bright green instead of the red. For that alone, it is very vanity-worthy. One of my main things about perfume is that the bottle, for the most part, has to look really good on my cake tray.

I would have to rate it a 3/5 only because it’s so strong that I even wouldn’t really wear it, and also the bergamot and anise-two of my least favourite notes.


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