MAC Sugarsweet Preview

12 March, 2009

Today, as I was at Nordstrom getting my blush, and they had much of the Sugarsweet collection out to preview and preorder. You will be getting my opinions on the products, and what you can skip or not.

Club and Creme de Violet are permanent shades, so you can skip those for now. Creme de Violet doesn’t have lasting power to save its life…I would get Satellite Dreams instead.
Dear Cupcake is like Sushi Flower but brighter, not as bright as Playful. A lot of people have said it’s like Sushi Flower meets Angelcake, and they’re wrong because Angelcake is a paler shadow. If you missed or skipped Playful, this may be a good substitute.
Aquavert is abso-frickin-lutely AMAZING. There is not, at least I don’t think, a colour like that in the permanent collection, and the texture is amazing-just like butter. It was launched for the first time with Lure back in 2006, but the closest other colour was Mood Ring from the Heatherette Trio 1. The difference is that this is paler and frostier.
Sugarshot is a lustre and pretty much as bad as they get-white with so much silver shimmer. I think I wouldn’t be able to keep a whole helluva lot of it on my eyes, it would end up UNDER them.

Touch is a permanent shade, so skip it.
Bubbles and Lollipop Lovin’ are both repromotes. I do not know where Bubbles came from, but it’s a white glaze with shimmer. I do like glaze lipsticks, but white is way too pale for me. Lollipop Lovin’ is nice, it’s a pale coral with green iridescent shimmer, but I rarely ever wear it. It was horrendously popular though, so give it a try.
Saint Germain is a repromote as well, albeit from the Euroistocrats collection, a Europe-only release. It’s an amplified cream, which means amazing, and it’s a very pale pink. Not something I would wear on its own, but give it a try, as it may work for you. Also try it with various lipglasses over it, because it could make some interesting colours.
Sweet Thing is a lustre, and the best description I can give: Hollywood Nights+Girl About Town, toned down three notches, and with silver shimmer. Because it’s a lustre, it’s a bit more sheer, so definitely try this one as well.

I did not take a look at them really individually, as I’m not huge on the tri-colour concept as they have different densities. Tasty is the one that looks the best, it’s a brighter pink in the bottom layers. The concept is a sheer shimmer, a coloured shimmer, and then a brighter creamy shade.

Refined is a mixture of light gold, bronze, and coral. If you have warmer skin you will love this one due to the coral, and as a blush it’s really nice albeit a bit on the orange side. I say that in the best way possible because some people can really pull off the corals and oranges. If you loved Fun & Games from Hello Kitty, you will love this. I did not get to try it with a 181 or 182, just a 168-so I can’t make the most accurate comparison.
Perfect Topping is a blend of beige, pink, and lavender, and it is a definite highlight shade. It is a lighter one as far as MSF’s go, so most people will love this but people with cooler skintones especially.

The one thing with both of these is that compared to most MSF’s, these are very, VERY low shimmer, so feel free to buff away.


L-R: Cakeshop, Butternutty, Lemon Chiffon, Red Velvet

L-R: Cakeshop, Butternutty, Lemon Chiffon, Red Velvet

Penny is a repromote, but I did not swatch it:(
Cakeshop is an interesting one, it’s almost like a pewter green with a LOT of shimmer.
Butternutty is very much a champagne, so very nice and neutral but still frosty for a kick.
Lemon Chiffon is definitely a pale, pale yellow-I would use it as a base for my yellow looks-but it isn’t so yellow that it will look like crap on 80% of the population.
Red Velvet is a bright midtone pink-almost the same shade as Dear Cupcake. This is an absolute must for anyone who loves pink looks, as well as someone who likes brights-meaning I need it.

Nail Polishes
Seasonal Peach is a creamy peach, so it’s very neutral and wearable. It just bores me to tears, however a lot of people would buy this.
Peppermint Patty is a creamy mint green, and absolutely gorgeous. I haven’t heard good things about MAC’s polishes, so I would try to find an OPI version, however this is very tempting as mint green is becoming a very popular colour this season.

So there you have it: my Sugarsweet review/preview/whatchamacallit. Below are my opinions on what you need, what might be fun, and what you can skip.

Definitely Get: Sweet Thing, Aquavert, Refined, Red Velvet
Maybes: Perfect Topping, Tasty, Peppermint Patty, Saint Germain
Skippable: Sugarshot, Penny, Cakeshop, Bubbles, any of the permanent shades.


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