Grand Duos Review!

12 March, 2009

I was downtown today, so I got to go see the Grand Duos, and I have my review! I also got to preview Sugarsweet, so I’ll do another post later about that.

Overall, I think that everybody will find at least one that they like. There are seven shades, and most of them are definitely on the warmer end. Both of the pink shades are really nice, and different enough to warrant getting both of them. Moon River is a pale pink, almost a bit salmon-y, with a yellow and blue veined top half. Love Rock is a brighter pink with gold shimmer, and then the veined side has a plum (similar to that of Glissade) and gold swirl.

Of the other shades, Grand Duo seemed nice but I am definitely warmer and it has a LOT of purple. I will get it at the outlet, eventually, as the plum is decent and the veining is nice. Intenso is one of the other ones I would have bought, but I had to limit myself to one. Light Over Dark has a very nice veined side but the mono side is very dark. Earth to Earth is darker, and it just seems to blend into all the others for me. Hot Planet is absolutely gorgeous, but I found it to be too similar to what I already own.

I eventually will get most of them, but I did end up with Love Rock because I don’t have a brighter pink blush already. I finally got to try it on, and it is gorgeous-a sort of flushed pink, like you just got done with a tough workout. It is quite shimmery but not glittery per se. A little goes a long way, so you NEED to use a 109 or 188 to apply the mono so that you can get it exactly where you want it. The veined side is semi-sheer and a lot more shimmery, so it’s good as a highlight. A little too pink to use all over the face, but still nice. Oh yeah, it’s a gorgeous eyeshadow too. I tried it on with the mono side as lower liner and on the lid, and the veined side in the crease, and it’s very girlie and gorgeous.


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