MAC Grand Duos Now Online!

10 March, 2009

New from MAC are Mineralize Blush duos, or more simply, the Grand Duos. Each one is $22.50, with half being a solid side and the other half being a tricolour melange. There are seven colours, and what can I say, I am interested in many of them!

The colours are:Light Over Dark: Bronze-brown mono, with an orange/yellow gold melange.

Moon River: Pale yellow-pink mono (think more pale than Pink Swoon), with a yellow/blue/pink melange. The melange reminds me of Lightscapade, in a way.

Love Rock: Bright blue-pink mono, with a gold/violet/pink melange.

Grand Duo: Pinky plum mono, with a copper/pink/gold melange. The melange to me seems to be like Petticoat, but with a lighter pink instead of the raspberry.

Earth to Earth: Yellow-brown mono (VERY PRETTY), with a bronze/violet melange.

Intenso: Bronzed, terracotta-pink mono, with a pale pink/gold melange.

Hot Planet: Midtone terracotta plum mono, with a copper/yellow melange.

I am hoping to have some money soon, so I will definitely be getting Hot Planet and Love Rock at the very least. The colours are on the brighter side, however the brush advertised with this collection is the 188.


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