It’s Monday!

9 March, 2009

So Daylight Savings Time is upon us, and I can definitely get used to the late sunsets. I just feel more productive that way! Of course, they’re still saying rain/snow mix, but at least we got part of it!

There isn’t a whole lot of makeup news now-the spring collections are out, the next MAC launch is a week away, and news on summer collections will probably start coming in the next several weeks-including the all-important Nordstrom exclusives. I will be trying to do an extensive Sugarsweet review when I get to go see that collection.

Now basic survey stuff! Woo!

1. What are your to-dos for the day? Well considering that it’s past 1 AM here, my main things: get up to the track, do at least a mile. Come home, do laundry and dishes. Make my fettucini alfredo. Do a little garden cleaning since Tuesday is a Green Bin day (our yard and food scraps). If I have any time left, then a little room cleaning, or if I’m really motivated, take boxes down to the garage.

2. If you had $100 right now, how would you spend it? I probably wouldn’t spend it on that much. I’d normally at least get coffee, but I gave up coffee for Lent. I probably would at least go to Pallino or Red Robin for some food, as I’ve been craving them nonstop lately. Other than that though, I would save it for a better occasion.

3. What nail polish are you wearing? On my fingers, OPI Done Out in Deco. It’s a very greyish lavender under low light, but then turns nicer. On the toes, OPI La Paz-Atively Hot. It looked gorgeous with my corals and oranges and pinks that I wore for church.

4. What is the next perfume you will buy? It hopefully will be Escada Ocean Lounge, however I may get Marc Jacobs Daisy, a Michael Kors Island fragrance, or the Aquolina fragrance that is supposed to come out.

5. What are your three big makeup wants right now? The Sugarsweet MSF’s, a backup of Pleasure Principle Dazzleglass, and a bronzer in either the Belle Azure or Tantress packaging.


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