Inspired by Hello Kitty: Part 2

7 March, 2009

So this is the Sassy Kitty look to me-and I didn’t want to just do pinks for this one. I wanted to do blues and oranges, because those are both wilder colours for Hello Kitty. It’s not meant to sound tropical though-it’s meant to be a colour experimentation. Like what this is…heh. In the Hello Kitty colour collection there are a lot of blues and teals for the eye, and then there is the orange lipglass (that turned out to be a clunker), but I imagine more brights that aren’t exactly the girliest colours.

I used:
Eyes: VS High Definition mascara, Claire de Lune eyeshadow (beige with pearl), UD Zero eyeshadow (matte black), UD Zero eyeliner (true matte black), Aquadisiac shadow (teal-green with silver sparkle), Mutiny pigment (frosty sky blue), Reflects Blue glitter (white glitter that flashes blue), Teal pigment (true dark blue-green)
Cheeks: Light Flush MSF (beige with pink veining), Devil blush (iridescent red-orange)
Lips: Electro lipstick (bright coral-orange)

Substitutions: Claire de Lune=Samoa Silk. Mutiny=either Clear Sky Blue pro pigment, or MUFE Star Powder 960. Light Flush=no dupe. Electro=Vegas Volt.


Directions: After putting on mascara, use a 252 to apply Claire de Lune from the brow to the lash line, to even out the eye area. Use a 275 next to apply Aquadisiac all over the lid. Grab a Kleenex and put it under the eye, then apply Teal pigment to the outer third of the lid, going out a bit further, as well as into the crease. Take a 231 and using the flat tip of the brush, line the lower lid with Zero in a thin line. Then using a 219-style brush, line up from the outer corner in a straight liner to where the Teal ends, so that it kinda looks like an extension of the eye. Blend it well, and fill in some black on the new outer part. Thicken the line of the bottom line with a 209. For the final three touches, line the waterline with the Zero liner, line the crease and the bottom liner with a small amount of Reflects Blue, and use a 219 on the inner corner with some Mutiny.
Buff a little bit of Light Flush all ocer the face to give a big of a glow, and then sparingly apply a little bit of Devil to the apples of the cheeks, going up towards the cheekbone. Finish that off by buffing up and out to erase the harsh edges, using a little more Light Flush if you need to. Finally, use a bit of Electro on the lips.

To tone this down, you could use a light lipstick, as well as no blush or just a beige shade. Also don’t go as dramatic on the eye-you can smoke it out a bit, but not as much as I did. The glitter is not something I would skip as it is more subtle, and to me helps make the look.


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