Inspired By Hello Kitty: Part 1

7 March, 2009

I figured that it would be a good time for me to do some looks, and because Hello Kitty is soon going to be a bygone story, I ought to try my hand at doing two looks inspired by the collection. They aren’t the facechart looks-but rather, looks inspired by products used, as well as what I gather the general inspiration to be. I don’t intend them to be everyday looks, but at the very end I put ways that you can tone it down so that you can wear it more often.

The first look is the Sweet Kitty look. I gathered the main thing from this-pink, but with a bit of an edge to it. Not your girly, romantic pink-but some brights, some glitters, and lots of fun stuff for all.


I used:

Eyes: Lancome Cils Booster, Lancome Definicils Pro mascara, Crystal Avalanche eyeshadow (silvery white), Canton Candy paint (pale pink cream shadow), In Living Pink eyeshadow (coral-pink with bronze), Pink Freeze eyeshadow (pale silvery-pink), Fuschia pigment (true bright magenta), Golden Lemon pigment (frosty yellow-gold), Reflects Gold glitter (extremely fine white glitter that flashes gold), Reflects Very Pink glitter (extremely fine dark pink glitter)
Cheek: Lune blushcreme (beige with multicoloured sparkle), Pink Swoon blush (sheer pink), Reflects Gold glitter
Lip: Style Minx lipglass (creamy opague bright pink)

Substitutions: Canton Candy=Fresco Rose. In Living Pink=Lancome Kitten Heel. Lune=Gold Deposit. Style Minx=Pink Poodle.

Directions: After prepping the lashes, put on mascara. Use a concealer brush or a 242 to apply Canton Candy to the lids, two coats so that the lid is completely covered. Then use a 252 to apply Crystal Avalanche to the area between the crease and the brow. Use a 275 to apply In Living Pink all over the lid, and then use a small brush of your choice to apply Pink Freeze on the very inner lid. Use a 217 with Fuschia to apply it in the outer 2/3 of the crease, and then down onto the outer third. Use a 209 and then apply Fuschia as a lower liner. Take a small blending brush and apply Golden Lemon on the inner third of the crease, blending with the Fuschia. Take a 219 and apply Reflects Very Pink over the Fuschia lower liner, and then use a small blending brush to apply some in the crease. Finally, using the small blending brush, apply Reflects Gold from the outer corner all the way up onto the temples, as well as a little bit underneath the eye and then around to the inner corner.

Then, use a brush or your fingers (I do fingers) to apply Lune to the cheekbones. Apply a little bit of Pink Swoon over that, but it will be difficult to blend as the Blushcreme is tacky for a very long time. Use a 217 and dip it in a little bit of Reflects Gold, and apply right along the cheekbone. Blend it all using a 181. Finally, do one coat of Style Minx on the lips!

The easiest ways to tone this down are to use a lighter lip colour, as well as to get rid of the glitter. Also using a pencil liner with a bit of glitter already in there, or a liquid glitter liner, will tone it down dramatically.


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