New Fekkai Stuff

5 March, 2009

While browsing the Sephora site, I saw some brand new interesting Fekkai products. I’m a big Fekkai fan, and these things are insane!

First up is the new Au Naturel dry shampoo. Way back when, there was apparently a Fekkai dry shampoo. This is a nice one because it’s paraben, sulfate, and preservative free, lacks a strong fragrance, and is not tested on animals. This product is $23 and a Sephora exclusive. I will have to check this out eventually because my hair gets very oily and I would like to prolong the amount of time between shampoos, as my hair is just getting brittle beyond all get-out. If you are traveling this is a good item to carry, as it is non-liquid.Next are the Salon Sizes. If you use the Technician or Glossing shampoos, this will save you a lot of money: a 32-ounce bottle for $59. That’s a $92 value-and even if I still worked at B&BW, it would be better than my discount. The catch is that it’s an online exclusive, however it does ship for free. If you are paying full-price for the shampoos, this is an easy way to keep using the shampoo, while at the same time saving money. It’s also really good for refilling travel bottles (your own, of course).

Finally, there is the All-Day Hair Plump. This is designed to be an intensive restorative treatment for people with significant damage to the hair, be it from overprocessing, heat treatments, or from environmental factors (pollution, dry air, et. al.). It does come in a mousse form, which makes it very easy to use-just a couple pumps run through the hair when damp. It is not designed for volume, but it does help to repair the hair cuticle. The one downside on this one is the price-it is $95 a can. However, Fekkai products are amazing and this may just be what you need.


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