Beauty Lust: Lady Dior Compact

5 March, 2009



So if you are into crazy packaging, this is the item for you. It’s retailing for a whopping $95-however Sephora has it for $75 right now AND with free shipping. Hell yes.

The item itself isn’t that spectacular as far as the contents go-it’s two pans: one has a highlighter, the other has a cheek/lip colour. So for the $75 that this now is, you aren’t getting a whole helluva lot of product. When you buy this item, you’re paying for the packaging-which is designed to look like a Lady Dior handbag, with “DIOR” charms, little handles, and the best part-cannage detailing.

I mainly am lusting after this because I am a fanatic of the Dior cannage pattern, and this item would be a definite collectors piece. I wouldn’t really use the products inside though-I may use the lip thing, but it would be a P.I.T.A. to carry around my lip brush as well. That, coupled with the price, makes it less appealing for many. But I still likey:)


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