Review: Fit Flop Walkstar

3 March, 2009

When I worked at Bath and Body Works, one of the biggest products that we carried and that was launched in the company was the FitFlop. A hybrid between a thong sandal and an exercise shoe, the FitFlop promises to help tone the legs, to shed inches and pounds in those hard-to-tone areas-all while you walk. At first, it sounded too good to be true. A workout while you walk? Sign me up. I’m notoriously lazy, and I am still trying to lose inches off my thighs.

I got my first pair in July of 07-the red and white-and I wore those suckers out! Sadly, there were a few issues with the first pair. I wore them down on the beach, which was a big no-no, as it ruined the shoes. The FitFlop is not the best with water. I noticed a little change, but not a ton-mainly because I wasn’t wearing them for long periods of time. I got my second pair-the silver ones this time-and was able to wear them for a little bit more time and I definitely started to feel the effects of them. They didn’t get as worn-out, since I stopped going to the Puget Sound beach, and they still look fairly decent now.

I got my third pair, which is the discontinued bronze, in June of 08, and I can honestly say it was one of the best purchases I had made all year. They dirty a lot less easily than the other two colours, they’re still in fairly good condition, but more importantly, THEY WORKED. I lost a good couple of inches off each thigh, and they are slimmer now than they have been in years. They also look a lot more toned!

It works!
Wide variety of colours-the bronze is my favourite, as it has gold hardware which looks good with a tan, or the non-tan I have right now.

Cost-the basic Walkstar style is $50, with novelty styles like the Electra being more.
Sizing-many people don’t have feet that work with the FitFlop, due to high insteps, wideness, narrowness, you name it.
Care-the lighter colours get very dirty very easily, and it is nearly impossible to clean them.

The other thing about these is that it’s recommended that you start out slow with them in order to get your feet and body used to them. If you are used to them, then I suggest walking up hills while wearing your Fit-Flops. It’s certainly one hell of a workout!


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