Spring 09 Makeup Trends (As I See Them)

2 March, 2009

The official start of spring is less than three weeks away, however many brands have had their spring collections out for a couple of months now! Every fashion season brings new looks, however with makeup you can honestly say that there are four major periods per year, each with their own distinct looks.

This spring, I’ve broken down what I see as being the 5 biggest trends.

1. Girly colours. As opposed to fall, which usually has darker colours or neutrals, or last spring, which was a lot of brights, this spring is all about pastels. Cheeks are pale, with just a hint of colour. Lips are pink or peach, with a bit of shimmer. Eyes are definitely running the gamut of pastels-mint green, lavender, pale pinks-but you’ll find that pink is a big colour all-over. Smashbox’s Muse collection featured an eye palette with 10 shades, most of them lighter colours. MAC’s upcoming Sugarsweet collection features 5 coloured Shadesticks, as well as several colours that scream candy. The Rose Romance collection that they are putting out in May is almost entirely devoted to pinks.2. Laven-DAH! Lavender is a big colour this spring, and the place where it has showed up the most is on the lips. Sadly, many of us cannot wear it on the lips, myself included. However, it is also turning up in eye and nail colours-and don’t underestimate a nice lavender on the toes! If you are warmer toned, you may still find benefit with a lavender shadow, as it brings out the green in the eyes.

3. Flawless skin. Of course, I am a big fan of this one, as it shouldn’t really be a trend. The easiest way to get flawless skin is great skincare, and start when you’re young, as it’s harder to repair than it is to prevent. As far as foundations go, it’s still all about the minerals, however both Cargo and Make Up For Ever came out with foundations a while back that were designed to be used with high-definition television/photo cameras. The look is a satin-y look, so semi-matte with a bit of sheen to it. The easiest way that I get the sheen is to use a small buffer brush with a baked face powder, such as a Laura Geller Balance/Brighten, or a MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, and buff my face with it. As long as it is a low-shimmer shade, it helps to make the face look perfected without the use of a foundation.

4. A bit of brights. Now I said that girly colours were big, but you also need a little bit of a brighter colour. Givenchy has their Maharani collection, with two blushes that seem quite bright. Urban Decay has their new cream shadows and 24/7 liners, many of which are in brighter shades. MAC, of course, will have quite a few brights. Pretty much everywhere you turn (I say almost, because there are some high-end brands that don’t do trend collections) you will find some bright. The trick this season is to let the bright be a pop of colour, and not to totally overwhelm the face. You can do a bright eye and a semi-bright lip, as long as the colours go together and the cheek is light. You can also do a brighter cheek and a bright lip if you keep the eye more toned down.

5. Licensing! MAC has done collaborations for many years-be it with fashion designers, famous entertainers, or cartoons. Now many other brands are getting in on the act. Heidi Klum and Daria Werbowy model for Victoria’s Secret and Lancome, respectively, and they each designed their own range of makeup for them. While Daria’s was a limited-edition range with a portion of proceeds going to charity, Heidi’s is a specialty capsule range within the Very Sexy makeup line-with gaudy silver packaging. Too Faced has a Smurfs collection which is WAY cute, I do want the face powder. Stila has four Barbie cans-each with a shadow quad, a lip product, and an eye product. They each are inspired by an iconic Barbie doll of the past, and at $40, an insane value. Something tells me that this is just the beginning, as brands look for a way to bring in new customers in the biggest economic cesspool this side of the Depression.

So there is what I think the big trends for spring are going to be. Love it or hate it-I call it like I see it. Of course, if you have something that you like to wear, then go ahead and keep wearing it-but this is a way to stay current with the trends. If you only have a little bit of money to spend this season, I suggest that you go and get yourself a good nailpolish and then a nice, sherbert-pale eyeshadow. Nail polish is a cheap way to keep your look trendy, and the eyeshadow is something that is always good to have. I would say a peachy-pink lipstick…but most people already have at least one peach or pink lipstick.


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