Goodwill Stores Update Image

1 March, 2009

I just came across a piece on ABC News about how the recession is helping one company in particular. No, I’m not sounding sadistic. We are talking about Goodwill-the charity thrift store chain that has been associated more with dusty old everything. In these times, it is easy to see why people would shop more at a store like Goodwill, but they aren’t just coming-the company is actually opening new stores and launching television campaigns.

I mean, the benefits are many. First, it’s a place where you can donate everything from old clothes to old dishes to old toys, and it saves them from going directly into the landfill. Goodwill helps to create jobs and provide training for people who need it, which then helps out even more. Finally, if you are looking to buy, you’re in the right place, where you can get clothes for cheap, as well as stock a starter kitchen or get a toy or two for the kidlets.

Not only are newer stores flashier and cleaner, but there are some new stores that are designed to be even more trendy. One store in Seattle that opened within the last couple months was designed to be a trend store, so carrying a lot of relevant fashion by names that are bigger (you’ll see more DKNY, Aeropostale, Old Navy, and so forth), as well as a section of period fashion, organized by decade-and even some wedding dresses. Plus sized, but embellished and everything, for under $50. With the way that the economy is going, I can only see more and more success from Goodwill. It may get to the point where come July and August, when the back-to-school shopping hell begins, many parents don’t even set foot in a mall-they just hit the office supply stores or the Target or Fred Meyer for school supplies, and then they hit Goodwill for backpacks and clothes. It’s not only good financial sense, but the kids will get the advantage in two distinct ways. First, they will be amazed at how much they can get. Instead of paying $24 for one shirt at JcPenney, for instance, they could get at least 4 at Goodwill. Second, they will learn how to be smart with the money, and specifically how to save.

A Goodwill opened up within the last year about 3 miles from my house, and every time my bus passes there the parking lot is always full. There is never any shortage of people donating either-especially since you can take your old electronics there for them to recycle, FREE OF CHARGE.

So in the end, my final thoughts? There are always going to be some people who won’t go the Goodwill way-either they are secure enough that they do not have to worry about money, or they would rather all their clothes be brand-new. But I do see a lot of people maybe going to a Goodwill for the first time, or starting to do a lot more of their shopping there, because it just makes a lot of sense.

Now I may sound like a hypocrite, because I buy all my clothes brand-new…but they are always bought either on sale or on clearance. If I paid full price, my closet would not be overflowing like how it is right now.


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