Happy Friday!

27 February, 2009

Well, it was the final Friday today of my volunteer project with my church-going down to a church to help prepare, cook, and serve over 250 meals for the homeless of Seattle. The good thing is that there is never any shortage of people who come down to volunteer but then again, it gets to the point where some people actually can leave at noon, when the lunch service begins. My back is feeling it, but knowing that you did good makes it all worth it.

Next week will be crazy since my mum will be on PTO-meaning lots of house projects. I am hoping that we can get some major work done because my desk conversion process is taking forever and a day. I am hoping to convert it into being a total beauty station, because my vanity isn’t that great, and I would have to move my entire bookcase to move the power strip. Yeah, not fun.

Temptalia just posted info on two highly-anticipated collections for May. The first, Double Dazzle, features their newest mascara (Dazzlelash) as well as the permanent launch of Dazzleglasses. Sadly, my two favourites are NOT in there! (Pleasure Principle and Ms. Fizz) However, there are seven new ones, and Pleasure Principle rarely gets worn anyways. Glamour OD isn’t coming back either, but it isn’t THAT great of a Dazzleglass. I still will rebuy though, since it WAS at the CCO…

The second collection is Style Warriors. First off, Eugenia Mandzhieva, aka my favourite model, is the main face for the collection. She definitely has a face for beauty shots and it was about time she did some sort of makeup campaign. While she isn’t like Daria with Lancome, Hilary with Estee Lauder, or Tiiu with Cover Girl, this makes up for it because it perfectly showcases Eugenia as a model, while also showing off the makeup. This has to be among the best that she has ever looked-and at the very least, I hope that she gets a few more fans because of this.

Anywhoo, this fills the part of the traditional “special packaging” collection that launches in late May every year. This year it’s animal print and some tribal graphics, almost as cool as the Manish stuff. The colour palette for the main colour collection is a lot of yellow-golds, bronzes, and purples. In previous years, there would be three parts-one part being the colour collection, one part being bronzers and such, and then the last being skincare. I don’t know if there will be skincare this year, and they would have to do the unthinkable: make the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator permanent, or repromote it, for me to really care. Last year, the Solar Field portion of the 3-parter (the bronzers and such) had the Solar Bits, which have been described by some as “epic fail”. They were these glittery pigment clusters-a bit wetter, but fallout central. This year, two shades return for the first part of Style Warriors, as well as a new one. There are also two Beauty Powder blushes-a repromote from the original 8 and then a new one. Of the shadows, one is the typical highlight shade, one is a shimmery dark, and then you have Bright Future-a frosty yellow-gold. It seems to be more yellow to me, and I hope it’s at least a frost, but really a Veluxe Pearl.

Of course, the best part is the packaging. I would love to collect all the various clamshells and such from old limited edition collections. Last year, Neo Sci-Fi had bright orange. Moonbathe had a creamy iridescent white. Lure, which was GORGEOUS, was an iridescent seafoam green. Belle Azure and Tantress both had a shiny bronze. The ones this year? Insane. I am getting a bronzer just for the clamshell-because you can do quick-changes. I actually am hoping to get some cash and maybe get a Belle Azure case, since it would be way cool.

In other random news, my decision to avoid alcohol like the plague has been validated: in women, it raises the risk of cancers! Also caffeine helps protect against skin cancer-so two balls in my court. Woohoo!


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