FOTD 25 Feb 09: Pinkie

25 February, 2009

I wanted to do a look today that wasn’t overwhelming, but still bright. The nice thing is that at least as far as the eyes go, it’s all either permanent or easily duplicated by a permanent product.


I used:
Eyes: Solar White, Pink Freeze, Playful, Fuschia pigment, Sephora Flashy Mauve liner, my own pigment mixture of Fuschia, Viz-a-Violet, and Helium, UD Zero (liner and shadow), Reflects Very Pink, Lancome Cils Booster, VS High Definition mascara
Cheeks: Spaced Out, Pretty Baby, Petticoat
Lips: Big Bow, Funtabulous

Substitutions: Solar White=Nylon OR Crystal Avalanche. Playful=Sushi Flower or Swish. The pigment mixture=Fuschia+ Rose or Fuschia on its own. Spaced Out=Springsheen OR Style. Pretty Baby=no dupe. Petticoat=Fuschia+ Vanilla (this look only). Big Bow=Lustering. Funtabulous=no dupe, HOWEVER it is going to become a permanent eventually.

Directions: First, apply Cils Booster and mascara. Use a 252 to apply Solar White from the crease to the brow. Using a 275, apply Pink Freeze to the inner third of the eyelid. Then use a 231 or 239 to apply Playful to the middle. This is a trickier one to do, so it takes several coats UNLESS you use a base, which I did not. Then use a small blending brush (like a 226) to apply Fuschia to the outer third and then sweep into the crease. Use a 217 to blend it all so that it looks nice and neat. Use the Zero pencil to line the waterline, and then use a 209 to line over that with the shadow version. Line under the lower lashes with Flashy Mauve, and finish with lining over that the pigment mixture, using a 209 or 212. Finally, use a small blending brush to sweep a liberal amount of Reflects Very Pink into the crease. Use a blush brush to sweep a fine coat of Spaced Out onto the apple of the cheek, and then use a 181 to buff Pretty Baby all over. Use the blush brush to sweep Petticoat along the cheekbones. Finally, do a coat of Big Bow on the lips, topped by Funtabulous.

The main thing with this is because the eyes and lips are very pink, you want to keep the cheeks neutral or peachy, if possible. You can also do the lips lighter, if you prefer…but not pale-pink.


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