Estee Lauder Orchid Garden

25 February, 2009

So Estee Lauder has put out their new collection and it is a small, yet interesting set of 5 pieces!

First up, there is the shadow quad, which looks interesting as the bottom two shades look to be the same white. However, they are both overlaid with a gold blossom pattern, as is part of the purple. The final shade is the gold itself, and trust me, it looks gorgeous. I would buy it when it gets to the outlet, and it would be a great birthday present for a teenage girl because the shades are all very wearable. It retails for $35.

(more below, along with pictures!!!)

Next is the Illuminating Powder. I haven’t tried it, but I would venture that it’s an all-over face powder. There are several colour elements in this powder-it looks like a work of art with the dragonfly and everything-and you can either use a small blush brush to get the colour you want, or you can swirl it all together to get a nice, balanced glow. I would also say it’s more shimmery than MAC’s Beauty Powders, but not like the Iridescent Pressed Powders. Of course, it could just be overspray (as is the case with the Highlight Powders) but we shall see. It retails for $32.

There is one new shade of the Pure Colour Crystal lipstick, Crystal Coral. I am a big fan of the PCC lipsticks, because they are incredibly silky on the lips, they have a good amount of shimmer, and the colour stays on. Passion Fruit was the first high-end lipstick that I ever bought and this lipstick is seriously tempting! They retail for $22, so it’s definitely more than a MAC…but these do not dry your lips out.

Also the Pure Colour gloss has a new shade for this called Peach Blossom. I love the packaging of the tube, how there is the gold blossom pattern on it, and not to mention a brush instead of a little doe-foot sponge applicator. It retails for $18, which is the same as a Dazzleglass or Cremesheen glass-and it isn’t going to be overwhelming shimmer. I know some people say that after a certain age it’s matte everything…but a little shimmer in a lip gloss can make your lips look fuller instantly, without plumpers let alone injections or such. *shudders at the though of a needle in the lip*

There’s a new duo-ended eye pencil called Onyx Pearl. One end seems to be a black laced with a bit of pearl, while the other end seems to be a white with pearl. I like it because you have your two basic eyeliner colours, in one handy package. It’s retailing for $18.50.

Finally, there is a Peach Blossom nail polish, which seems to be like the name implies, a nice pinky-peach. It retails for $18, so it’s not going to be the first thing you automatically buy…but it still is a pretty shade.

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