MAC Kitty Kouture

23 February, 2009

So the second part to the ginormous Hello Kitty collection hits the web in about one week, and all MAC freestanding stores on the 5th. Yes, it is Kitty Kouture!

For those of you who do not know what that is, it’s some of MAC’s most luxurious products in special casing with Swarovski crystals. The main feature is the Sheer Mystery powder. It usually is only released with the Couture collections every November, and this time, it’s in a silver compact decked out with 149 clear and 29 magenta Swarovski crystals. From what I hear, the Sheer Mystery powder is nice because it’s a matte powder that is still nice and sheer-so a perfect finishing powder, or maybe the only powder someone like me would use. There are two downsides though. First off is the fact that there are only three shades-a light, a medium, and a dark-so you have to guesstimate more, or actually go and try it on if you aren’t sure. Second is the price tag…$90. Yes, $90. For a compact. I was seriously planning on getting this, but there are a few reasons I am saying no. First off, it’s not even bejewelled that well-I don’t like the HK design on there. I also don’t like how it’s the outline-I want something completely encrusted in Swarovski. Finally, the price tag. With my situation, I cannot justify paying $90 for a compact. However, if you have the funds, I would say get this, because you would be the envy of all your friends. Sigh…if only I could swing it.

Also accompanying this are two Dazzleglasses. Priced at $28 each, they come with a charm. The charm is a round disc with around 100 clear and magenta crystals, attatched to a chain which is attatched to a ring around the top of the Dazzleglass tube. The shades are both pink and both sheer (the lighter of the two has pink and gold pearl, while the brighter, Dazzlepuss, has pink and blue IIRC).

Now when I heard a Dazzleglass with a charm, I hoped that the charm would be in the shape of HK’s head and be crystal-encrusted. Hell, Avon has a HK necklace that is the shape of the head, covered in rhinestones. Instead, it’s this round one. Definitely not as cute. However, I do have some jewelry experience, so I could very feasibly take the charm and make it into a necklace-complete with my choice of Swarovski crystals. And if all else fails, I can save up and get the Kimora Simmons version of an HK necklace.

The Dazzleglasses themselves may not be terribly interesting, but it’s a cheaper way to buy into Kitty Kouture-if you want to. With 7 new Dazzleglasses launching this spring, along with Style Warriors having three in special packaging, I would rather spend on those-but I may cave and get Dazzlepuss.


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