Katie’s Collection, Part 1

23 February, 2009

So here is part one of my collection. It’s quite random-shadows, palettes, face powders, glosses. I was going to do nails but I forgot which was which:( At the bottom of each picture there will be listings of what each shade is.

EyeshadowsRow 1: Lancome Contrast, Lancome SlideRow 2: Pagan (McQueen), Engaging (Antiquitease), Fresh Green Mix (Electroflash), Sea/Sky (Electroflash), Lancome SlideRow 3: Sunset B. (Starflash), Sushi Flower, Star Violet, Moon's Reflection, Cool Heat (Cool Heat), Aquadisiac, UD Jones, UD Eldorado, Napoleon Perdis Private OceanRow 4: Solar White (Cool Heat), Pink Freeze, Angelcake (High Tea), In Living Pink (Rebelrock), Beautiful Iris, Stars 'n Rockets, Lancome Style Section, Lancome Best Dressed, Lancome Personal Style, UD Midnight Cowboy Rides AgainBottom: Crystal Avalanche, Rose Blanc, Claire de Lune (Moonbathe), Bright Sunshine (PRO), Goldmine, Amber Lights, Lancome Gaze, Lancome Kitten Heel, Lancome Luring, Lancome Makeover(Not pictured: Lancome The Pink Carpet, MUFE #2, Estee Lauder Butter, a couple Clinique ones, and some more random broken Lancome shadows, ie Montage and Strobe)Powders/Blushes

Top: Smashbox Aglow (Soft Lights)
Row 2: Petticoat MSF, Belightful IPP (Fafi), Alpha Girl Beauty Powder (Heatherette)
Row 3: (all MSF’s) Light Flush, Glissade, Northern Light, So Ceylon
Bottom: Spaced Out (Neo Sci-Fi), Lune Blushcreme (Lure), Pink Swoon, Devil (both in Manish Arora packaging)

Palettes, part 1

Palettes, part 1

 Top: Mark Flip-For-It kits: New York, Milan
Row 2: Eyes on Manish, Colour Forms Warm Lips, Mark Paris Flip-For-It kit, my palette (Crystal Avalanche, Juiced, Creme de Violet)
Row 3: Rock It Prom Kit, Heatherette Trio 1, UD Deluxe shadow box (Fishnet, Honey, Ransom, Graffiti, Zero, Peace, Shag, Scratch, Underground)
Bottom: Gem Eyes, Face Dazzle


I had to shift things a bit…
Top: Rock It Prom Kit: Shimmerene Glitter Creme, Up The Beat, Pretty Fab, Berry Rush
Colour Forms Warm Lips: Flash of Flesh, Fresh & Fun, Oh Garnet!
Row 2: Gem Eyes: Seedy Pearl, Crystal, Shale, Trax, Beauty Marked, Parfait Amour
Face Dazzle: Shell CCB, Dreamy, Mod-de-Mauve, Plumful
Bottom: Eyes on Manish: Nylon, Going Bananas, Bitter, Playful, Electric Eel, Deep Truth
Heatherette Trio 1: Hoppin’, Mood Ring, Cloudburst



Top: Assorted Mark Hook-Ups, inc. Orchid Luxe Glow Baby Glow Luxe, Wexler Lip Plumpers (Red, Sand, Berry, and another one), Smashbox Fame, Wexler Petal, Avon Metallic Garnet, Funtabulous, Pleasure Principle, Date Night, Glamour OD, Ms. Fizz, Love Alert, some random LORAC lip polish mini, Mark mini Glow Baby Glow set, Mark Honey

Bottom: VS Wet, Fleur de Light, Ola Mango!, Wonderstruck, Underage, Song & Dance, Flashmode, Magnetique, Pink Grapefruit, Budding, Little VI (all 2008 Little Darlings), Shine Manish (Manish Arora), Silly Girl (Balloonacy), Rich & Ripe (Cult of Cherry), Orangedescence (C-Squeeze), Pink Grapefruit (Neo Sci-Fi), Cult of Cherry (Cult of Cherry), Totally It (Fafi), Style Minx (Heatherette), Pink Manish (Manish Arora), Chanel Spark, Witty (Stylistics), Black Amethyst lacquer, Clinique Mystic, VS Passion, VS Hot Pants, Goldie lip plump, Superfill Red plumper, Goldie Baby


All my Beauty Rush, CO Bigelow, Liplicious glosses…if you’re wondering what a particular one is, ask!

Lip Backups

Lip Backups

A couple Wexler plumpers, Hollywood Nights, Style Minx, Tropic Glow, Flash-n-Dash, and a few assorted COB/Beauty Rush squeezetubes.


That’s part 1-still got glitters, pigments, liners, and nail polishes, among things!


One Response to “Katie’s Collection, Part 1”

  1. Someone Says:

    Hello! What do you think of the Bath and Body Work’s C.O. Bigelow and Liplicious lipglosses and Juicy Tubes? I recently purchased a MAC lipglass in Oyster Girl and I love it! What are the lustreglasses and dazzleglasses like?

    (Please email me at: applebasket7@gmail.com)

    Thank you!

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