Duping Hello Kitty

23 February, 2009

First up some good news: I have my computer fixed! I will post some collection photos sometime this week, as well as a look or two. I’ve been meaning to post pics of my collection, and it is quite large.

Anywhoo, this is a subject that I figured I ought to tackle now: how to dupe the Hello Kitty products. Some of them will not be as easily duped, because they are trendier colours, or brighter, or only dupeable by other LE products. Others are truly unique products, so it won’t be easy.

First up, you cannot exactly dupe the Beauty Powders. They’re meant as a sort of all-over face powder/highlight, and thus they are more muted. It’s best to apply with a 181 or 182, because it buffs it all over the face and really perfects things.

As far as the pigments go, Milk can’t be exactly duped, however if you have Helium or Lovely Lily you can survive without this one. It is a very pale, frosty pigment-so it’s very versatile and wearable. Deep Blue Green, like I have said many times, is very dark. If you are scared of the darkness, Teal is a step down in the darkness but still a rich blue-green. Be forewarned that even with Teal, I do have staining issues…so you want to use a primer or something if you use Teal. I say that as a precaution for DBG as well.I can go ahead and say that the Reflects Glitters are something that most people won’t exactly NEED (except for me). Reflects Very Pink isn’t that great-it’s the worst of the glitters I own, aside from Marigold-but still nice to have for say, the lips. It has come out numerous times over the last year, so it’s one that most people already have. Reflects Blue is a very nice one. I have not tried Reflects Transparent Teal, so I cannot compare the two, however if you are somebody who does like lipglasses and Dazzleglasses that have the blue Reflects in there, then this is a must. It’s also amazing on the eyes. If you have RTT, I will go ahead and say that you can live without RB…

As far as the eye quads go, the Too Dolly quad is very easily duped. Yogurt is a perm shade, and boring-although people who are into mattes may want this as a highlight. Romping came out awhile back and I have Lancome’s The Pink Carpet, which seems to be very similar. Also Fuschia pigment could be used in a pink to create a lighter, frostier version of Romping. Too Dolly is a minty green, and while there aren’t a ton out there Aquavert is coming back in a month, so if you were going to get the quad just for Too Dolly I would advise you hold off for Aquavert. Finally, Stately Black is like a blacker version of Deep Truth. It’s nothing terribly special, I would only use it as a liner-so I would just say that Deep Truth would work as a sorta dupe. Moving onto the Lucky Tom quad…Creme Royale is a beige-ish highlighter. It seems like a darker version of Rose Blanc, which is my ultimate highlight. Nylon is similar to Rose Blanc, so there’s 1/4 duped. Paradisco…is permanent. I have been interested for awhile, but it is a Lustre… Stylin’ looks very interesting to me. On the website it looks like a true bright purple, and by description it seems close to Parfait Amour. I have had problems with Parfait Amour applying, but the 231 is the way to go. Finally there is Lucky Tom which looks like crap. I would get Amber Lights which is a way nicer colour, frostier, and just all-around great.

The blushes are not as easily dupeable because they are Beauty Powder blushes, meaning that they are going to be more pearlescent and sheerer than your typical powder blush. Tippy could probably be duplicated by a Pro blush shade or two, while a darker version of Fun & Games is Spaced-Out, at least from my duplication expertise. You won’t get an exact dupe with these though-but don’t be scared by the brightness. If you are thinking about them, go and ask if you can see them on you at the counter-you may be pleasantly surprised.

The glitter liners are something that if you hunt around, you can always find a dupe for. Kitty Power seems to be a very close dupe for Too Faced’s Super Freak-but if you want a plain pink you can go for either Catfight or Groupie, one of UD’s two new liners.

And of course, we can’t forget about the lips. I will just list the lipglasses and lipsticks and what a decent dupe for them can be!
Fast Friends-If you want a bright purple, I know Funtabulous Dazzleglass is coming back out. Also Magnetique is a brighter pinky-purple.
Nice to be Nice-This is harder to dupe, as it’s a brighter orange, however the closest is Shine Manish. Ola Mango is one that is a bit different, but could work in a pinch.
Nice Kitty-Honestly, it isn’t that great of a shade. Totally It from Fafi is a good substitute, and if you want the glitter go for Ms. Fizz. Also with Dazzleglass coming back out in May, you will be able to dupe this no problem.

The other three colours I did not get as much time with, however Mimmy and She Loves Candy both are the kind that clog up the Lipglass section at the CCO. Sweet Strawberry seems nice-darker than many, but still a good colour-but I can’t think of a dupe right now.

Big Bow-There isn’t really a dupe for this one, however there tends to be a bright blue-pink glaze or frost lipstick that comes out around this time every year. Fun ‘n Sexy from Fafi is a big example.
Fashion Mews-This is another tough one, because the lavender is a trend colour. There was a lavender in Cremeteam but this is brighter and it’s a glaze finish. I would check the local stores and counters because the US site is sold out. If you really want this…then you have to get it.
Strayin’-A frosty midtone pink. There are a lot of midtone pinks that come out-but this interests me more than most since it is a frost. I have Hollywood Nights from Heatherette, which is brighter, and Tropic Glow from Cool Heat, which is more watermelon than this-and both can keep me satisfied. This is another one though that you may just have to get right then and there.
Most Popular-This is a true deep berry, but if you want something lighter/brighter, I say go for Dubonnet.
Fresh Brew-Just go and take a look at all the coffee-brown shades and eventually, you can find something you like. This isn’t that special, or gorgeous even.
Cute-Ster-Another colour that isn’t even that special. It’s very wearable for some, and probably easily dupeable, as peachy-pink shades are a dime a dozen.

And finally, the nail polishes. Something About Pink has sold out, but OPI’s La Paz-Atively Hot! is very similar, albeit with a bit of pearl thrown in for good measure. Vestral is a plain ol’ white, and On The Prowl is a grey. Berk. Essie has a ton of whites and grey-ish polishes, so it’s up to you as far as the finish goes. (On The Prowl is sold out as well)

So there’s my crappy attempt to dupe the HK collection. Hope you saved some money:)


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