More OPI Thoughts

19 February, 2009

So I have had a chance to try three of the OPI South Beach colours, and here are my thoughts.

With the little bottles, you are not going to get the same level of coverage that you would with the bigger ones, at least I find. I have to do at least three coats of Suzi & The Lifeguard on my fingers, and two to three of the other two (Done Out in Deco and Overexposed in South Beach). Done Out in Deco tends to require more, as it is creamier-so there is no pearl to really help make it look more even. I have not done it on my fingers however it dries down to a nice true lavender. I initially thought it might be too grey, but on my toes right now it is absolutely perfect, and it is a great cure for all the ubiquitous French pedicures that I see.

Suzi & The Lifeguard is a pale midtone pink with silver pearl. It’s not overwhelmingly frosty, and it’s a good shade for a younger girl, or someone who doesn’t like a ton of colour. I did three coats to get a more solid look. It would be good on the toes for summer, however I have a similar shade that I like better so I will pass on this-unless I get it on clearance.

Overexposed in South Beach is a dark purple, almost grape-wine colour. It does have shimmer, but not a ton. Three coats is how I got my solid-ish look, but I don’t recommend using the topcoat with this one until the polish is fully dry, as the results were not appealing. It is bright enough though to where it doesn’t scream fall, but it definitely dries darker than in the bottle IMO.

I definitely will be getting a fullsize of Done Out in Deco, because I have a coupon for ULTA. The other two, I am fine with the little guys. I would say at least give the collection a browse or two, and maybe pick a polish up as a little pick-me-up.


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