Hello Kitty Event, and More Thoughts

17 February, 2009

So Saturday was the HK event, and I did go after all. It was really fun, as there were balloons and yes, the requisite shirtless male, this time wearing a giant Hello Kitty head. (heh) I have never done the full appointment thing before, as I never saw the use-but figured for HK, I might as well.

My look was complex, using the following items:
Bare Canvas paint
Too Dolly quad
Milk pigment
Fuschia pigment
Blooz eye kohl
Waveline fluidline
Reflects Blue glitter
Pretty Baby beauty powder
Studio Sculpt foundation-NW 15 (IIRC)
Fun & Games BPB
Big Bow lipstick
Hush CCB

I honestly did like it, however it wasn’t anything terribly special. What made it different than normal makeup I do was a) foundation, and b) having a winged-out eyeliner. I’m not good with lines, so winged liner I tend to avoid.

The collection itself, sadly, is subpar. The lipglasses are underpigmented, the lipsticks aren’t terribly great, and the shadow quads are boring. However Milk pigment is probably one of the standouts, as it’s a more lavender version of Helium, without the uber-chunkiness. Reflects Blue is absolutely gorgeous, and one of the two items that went home with me. The Beauty Powders are very pale, and best used with a buffer brush as a finisher of sorts. I did get Pretty Baby and well, have attacked it in the 3 days I have had it (heh). The TLC’s are the other surprise. While I cannot get them now, I honestly urge most people to give them a try. They are very pigmented and very richly-conditioning.

The only thing I didn’t get to check out were the glitter liners, but I can get UD’s for a better value.

Finally, the BPB’s. All very wearable and pretty, and I want them both.

For now, my HK stash is Big Bow, Pretty Baby, and Reflects Blue-however, at the CCO, I want the brush set, Milk, both blushes, Popster TLC, the key clip, and maybe the glitter liners.

As for me, I am using Beautiful Iris ad nauseum in order to get a B2M empty set for Aquavert.


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