Hello Kitty Thoughts: Part 1

11 February, 2009

So Nordie’s DID have HK out yesterday, and I honestly was unimpressed.

Yes, unenthused about it all.

The lipsticks in the Wild collection are all very pastel-even Strayin’, which I had seen swatches of that looked bright. Fashion Mews reminds me of a lipstick I had in the 8th grade. I easily was able to avoid all of those. The Mild ones were more up my alley-Big Bow, that is. Cute-Ster is way pale, and Fresh Brew is really dark. It just screams 90’s Revlon to me. Big Bow, however, is quite lovely. I did pick it up, as it is a) a glaze, and b) a bright pink. It’s definitely a little bright for everyday wear for some but the fact that it is a glaze helps to tone it down. It is on the sheerer end, so it may be good to wear it over another lipstick if you REALLY want it to be bright pink.

The lipglasses are all fairly sheer. The only two I was really interested in were Nice Kitty and Nice to be Nice-and I have dupes for BOTH. The good news is that Nice to be Nice is fairly similar to Shine Manish as far as colour goes-Nice to be Nice is a smidge brighter-so if you weren’t up for the Manish mess in October you can get something fairly close. I do not know about the pigmentation of it, but I’ve heard it is on the sheerer end. Nice Kitty, on the other hand, is a lipglass form of Ms. Fizz Dazzleglass. I am a Dazzleglass fan, and Ms. Fizz is a colour I do use a lot…however I have heard that Dazzleglasses will be permanent. If I don’t cancel out of the event, I may get this as part of my haul.

The Beauty Powders are both a little brown. Tahitian Sand, obviously, is brownish, but as the name implies, a sand. It would be nice as a bronzer. Pretty Baby is one I am on the fence about. It is a bit brown for my tastes, but I almost eBayed it in the Diana Ross packaging. I have had this on my wishlist for awhile…but it’s dropped down a few notches.

The BPB’s are interesting. Fun & Games is a definite peach, but I fear it may be too orange for some. Tippy, meanwhile, is definitely brighter. I always hope for a colour similar to Maidenchant blushcreme, but this is definitely more wearable.

I didn’t get a chance to check out the pigments, however Reflects Blue is similar to Reflects Gold in every way except for colour.

Finally, accessories. The brush set is ALREADY sold out online, but I would only get it at the CCO. I do like the SE brush idea with the cup, however I am essentially paying $20 for a brush cup. If I wanted that, I could go to the Sanrio store and get one for half the price. The cosmetic bags are cute, but again, wait for the CCO. I would never pay full price for a makeup bag, and I am loving my old leopard ones. The doll is cute, yes…but I would not pay THAT much for a HK doll. I could get the same thing for a fraction of the price at the Sanrio store.

Not to mention I am not as into the 60’s dress Hello Kitty…I much prefer a more tropical one.

And yes, I am seriously considering cancelling my spot on Saturday at the event. It’s a $50 fee in product, and I don’t want to spend that much. Kitty Kouture is coming up and if nothing else, I will work for the money to get the compact. Finally, I read about the upcoming Sugarsweet collection, and I am going to have to get at least one of the Perfect Topping MSF as well as one or two of Aquavert.

If I do go to the event, I will let you know how it goes…but I am thisclose to cancelling.


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