Random UD Liners

10 February, 2009

So yesterday, I was at ULTA, and they had all the new liners! Because I am on a library computer, I can’t upload photos…however, I did swatch them all, as well as most of the UD liners that I do not already own.

First off is Graffiti. It is very similar to the Graffiti shadow, and compared to Covet, is a brighter green. Covet is a very dark, almost hunter green. Graffiti does have some shimmer to it, but not as chunky as some of the other liners.

Flipside is very similar to Peace shadow, except darker. There isn’t a ton of shimmer to it, but I wouldn’t use it on the waterline. Compared to Electric, Electric is brighter and more glittery.

Ransom is SO pretty. I would consider it to be very close to Stars ‘n Rockets or Fishnet in terms of colour-Lust is way closer to the colour of the Ransom shadow in my book. There isn’t a ton of shimmer as well-more of a sheen-so this one I would maybe use on the waterline.

Underground is the perfect liner counterpart to the shadow of the same name. It’s a definite bronze-y brown, but the main difference between it and Bourbon, Honey, and Lucky is that Honey is a yellow-gold, Lucky is a copper, and Bourbon is a brown-brown.

1999 is very close, colour-wise, to Trax or Star Violet eyeshadows. It does have a lot of shimmer to it but it is a very nice colour.

Honey is pretty much the same as the shadow of the same name-a yellow-gold, like honey.

Deviant is a gorgeous royal blue with a little bit of shimmer. I just got Sea/Sky MES and I use the 231 to line with it, and it’s a very similar colour. It will be the next liner I buy, because the texture and the low shimmer makes it very appealing.

Yeyo had the worst lasting power of the liners on my hand, but it is still nice. It’s a matte white, which means good for the waterline, but I don’t use white for a whole lot.

Gunmetal, finally, was not one I would buy. It has the most shimmer of any of the liners, and on my hand it swatched like a cheapo glitter liner from a drugstore brand. It’s a dark grey, as opposed to Dime which is a silver.

The one thing, in my book, that UD really needs to have, is a pink 24/7 liner. They did Heavy Metal liners-now why not a pencil? Come on, you can do it.


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