OPI South Beach Minis

10 February, 2009

Yesterday, when I was at ULTA, I saw they had the new little set for the South Beach collection. It’s $10 for four .125 ounce polishes-three colours and a topcoat. I had the one from the India collection, so I figured this would be a good way for me to get a few colours.

The colours in this one are Done Out in Deco, Suzi & the Lifeguard, and Overexposed in South Beach. Done Out in Deco is a creamy greyish-lavender, while Suzi & the Lifeguard is VERY similar to Tijuana Dance. The main difference is that Tijuana Dance is a bit darker and has an iridescent sheen to it, while SatL is lighter and has a silver shimmer to it-almost frosty. Overexposed in South Beach is very similar to Purpleopolis, an older colour I have, but the difference is that Purpleopolis is frosty while Overexposed has a red pearl to it.I tried Done out in Deco on my toes, and the warning is that it goes on very grey. However, when it dries it dries to a very nice lavender. This colour isn’t for everyone, as it is on the greyer side and it lacks the shimmer or pearl that I would prefer. I have not tried the other two yet, as I redid my nails that morning with Pompeii Purple (one of my holy grail colours). I will be using Suzi & the Lifeguard next time I redo my fingers as well, I have to do my nails twice a week!

The pros of a set like this are the fact that you get a few colours for a low price. It’s a good small gift for somebody, say a teen birthday party gift, as it’s low in price but you get a lot of stuff. It’s also good because most people can’t use up a full-size nail polish, so having a few smaller ones can be more economical.

The downside is value-you’re getting the equivalent of 3/4 a full-size for $1.50 more (I’m not lumping the topcoat in here). I normally would go to the full-size route, however I have so many polishes already that I need to stick to a mini-set or two.

However, I did get on clearance the summer two-pack that was Kyoto Pearl and Teal The Cows Come Home, in full-size, with a free totebag, for $5. I liked the teal anyways, and the white is always good to have on hand in case my mum wants to borrow it:)


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