New ULTA Ad (8-21 Feb)

4 February, 2009

Well I am at the library-so I have a lot to share! First, because I always check the mail before I leave the house…I have a new ULTA ad!

Because it is the doomsday known as the 14th of February coming up, there is quite the emphasis on fragrance-and on the back cover, you can get a free sterling silver heart necklace with a fragrance purchase of $30 or more. There are two new ULTA exclusive fragrances-Jil Sander #4 and DKNY Fresh Blossom. The DKNY sounds like it might be an apple blossom fragrance, while Jil Sander is probably an amber-y fragrance. That’s just my hunch though. Also featured is Island Bermuda, which is an absolute must-have if you love florals, and Daisy’s spring edition, which has stickers as well as green flowers on the cap.

The cover itself features the Smashbox Muse collection, which apparently has sold out in some areas! The best deal to me seems to be the eyeshadow palette, which has 10 shades for $48, including a few pastels.Inside, there are loads of new things. Essie has 6 new shades for the spring, including a royal blue. All I can say is that if you missed out on Aruba Blue, get this new blue. All Essie polishes are B2G1 free, so you can definitely treat yourself! Also, OPI has 12 new shades. When I get some cash, or when ULTA has them B2G1 free, I will get myself a few of the new shades. I am especially wanting Over Exposed in South Beach, which is a bright purple, Done Out in Deco, which is a lavender, and Clubbing Til Sunrise, which is a light gold.

If you like the ULTA bath stuff, the smoothies are B1G1 free, as is most of the bath stuff.

Moving on…Stila has a brand new set. I may have talked about it earlier, but you get four eyeshadoes, mascara, tinted moisturizer, and lipglaze in full sizes, as well as a deluxe of Peony convertible colour (which probably means smaller size). It’s $40, so it’s a great gift, as the lipglaze is a very neutral pink, and three of the eyeshadows are neutrals as well (Mystic being the exception). LORAC has a new concealer, and while I do not normally use concealer, this looks interesting. One end is the concealer itself, the other end is a liquid highlighter (with a doe-foot applicator), and then on top there is a blender ball in order to get perfect application. It’s $24, which is actually less than I expected for a product like that, to be honest.

Urban Decay has their new stuff out. Four new 24/7 liners-Graffiti (yes, like the shadow…it’s a yellow-green, as opposed to Covet, which is a blue-green), Underground (a tannish brown), Flipside (a more sky blue than Electric), and Ransom (yes, like the shadow…a blue-purple. Think Reflects Purple Duo). Also there are 12 cream shadows. I hate cream shadows with a passion normally, because anything can crease on me…but there are some interesting shades. Radium is a DARK turquoise, Delinquent is a true violet, Grass is well, grassy-green, Sphinx is a bubblegum pink, and Weeds is a pretty olive. Also there are some new Heavy Metal liners, which everyone should have all of, IMO.

Ken Paves (the hairstylist to Jessica Simpson) has a new haircare line, with “colour drops”. If you buy some, you get shampoo and conditioner for free. Now I have no idea what the colour drops are. It sounds though like a glaze with a bit of colour, so that you can give new life to your hair.

L’Oreal has a new sulfate-free haircolour line, called EverPure-and if you buy two products you get $5 off. Not bad.

Onto the world of drugstore cosmetics. The following brands (no mixing brands) are B1G1 50% off:

Cover Girl
Max Factor
Sally Hansen (nail products)
Sally Hansen (Natural Beauty)

Meanwhile, the following are B1G1 free (again, no mixing):

L’Oreal Bare Naturale
HiP by L’Oreal
L’Oreal lip and nail product
Maybelline mascara

There are lots of sales on ULTA brand makeup-$2 (liners and then nail polishes), $4 (lipstick, lip gloss, blush, eyeshadow, fake tan), $6 (mascara, shadow quads, mineral eyeshadow duos, mineral eyeshadow, mineral loose foundation), and $8 (primer, mineral powder-in-a-brush, Formativ skincare, cosmetic brushes). All fashion accessories, sunglasses, and makeup bags/traincases are 25% off.

Jaqua has some brand new Guilt Free kits that have a full-size shower cream, a full-size hand cream, and then I believe a promotional size of body butter. They had it in Pink Buttercream Frosting before, but now they have it in Pink Champagne and Raspberry Buttercream Frosting. The best part of this is that when you spend $25 in Jaqua products, you get a free Pink Champagne glimmer gloss (the lip gloss wand).

Other than that, there aren’t a ton of other great or interesting deals. Probably the best is 2/$22 on Big Sexy Hair styling duos…


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