It’s CCO Time!

4 February, 2009

So now that I have my tax refund in the bank, I figured I would go to the CCO to see if there was anything new, interesting, or just all-out fun that I had to have. Trust me, there was.

I normally go with the intention of buying items from LE collections that I missed out on, or that I decided to wait and see if they made it to the CCO, but sometimes I just see something that is so interesting or that would work well with what I had.

As far as brushes go, the only real interesting ones that they had were the 231 and the 213. I did get myself a 231…and boy, I love it. I consider it to be an absolute essential brush for me because a) I can apply small areas at a time using it, and b) the end of it is flatter than a 212 brush so it is amazing for lower liner. They had gotten in all the Neo Sci-Fi shadows, as well as both of the blushes from that collection and two of the lipsticks. The only shadow that I really wanted though was Evening Aura, and it is lighter than UD Jones, which I have and love. I don’t really do any looks that require something lighter than Jones, so I passed. Expensive Pink looks nice but honestly, I’d rather buy it in pan form to snap into my palette.

As far as other shadows went, there were maybe 6 of the Starflash shadows, as well as Fade, Surreal, Meet the Fleet, three Cool Heat shadows including the two that I already had, and then some assorted Matte2’s and the usual ones (Pagan, Claire de Lune). Warm Chill (the one shadow from Cool Heat that I didn’t have) was way too sheer for my liking.

However, they did also have 6 of the MES from Electroflash. No Mineralize blushes-and not that many blushes in general. I did, however, pick up Sea & Sky and Fresh Green Mix MES, because the mono sides on those are nice and frosty, which is what I like, and like nothing I already own. They had one left of Two to Glow, as well as some Odd Couple, Hot Contrast, and Love Connection. The nice thing about the two MES that I got is that they aren’t total glitterbombs on me-it could be though because I do use Shell CCB as a base with them, to not only make them show up how I want them to, but to make them stay put.

As far as lip things go, I was excited as they did have Magnetique, but I passed for now. They also had all the Fafi lipsticks except for Fun ‘n Sexy, and then a few Heatherette lipglasses. They had High 90’s Slimshine, Eager, and a few other recent lips. Also all of the Electroflash lipglasses, a few Lustre Twins, and even Glamour OD Dazzleglass.

No real selection on pigments, and the only Colour Forms lip palette they had in was the cool one. They already had three of the Holiday 08 palettes, as well as the holiday Softsparkle set. Yes, and many stores might still have them in back.

I don’t think I have seen them have that many shadows in a long time! I am definitely, however, needing to get three of Magnetique the next time I go because I am running through that mini!


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