More Shopping?

2 February, 2009

So because I don’t have a computer at home right now (at least that I regularly can get on…I did figure out the password for Ian’s screenlock that he puts up), I haven’t gotten this up, but now? Finally.

I was able to hit the motherlode of clearances at Express and boy, am I thrilled. First off, on Thursday, I found a dress for $6. It’s kinda mod, it’s black with a sort of funnelneck and then it’s above-the-knee. Perfect for out-and-about wear but not exactly church. Heh heh. Figure that even if I only wear it once or twice, I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it. I picked up to go with not only it, but the tweed jackets that I bought, a red floral rhinestone brooch. I am big into the brooches, and I almost got the camelia shaped one, but I liked the red better as it was more unusual. It was only $3.59, as was the pink brooch I bought-so I was able to update my wardrobe for about $10.

The same day, I went upstairs to the VS-and they had a few of the PINK dogs left. I am definitely not one to skip the free dog with purchase promo, and this was way too cute! It was a white dog with a graffiti print on it. Anyway, I got a window decal to put on my mirror. Figure it’s $3.50, and I do like all the VS PINK stuff anyways. I also snagged an Appletini glimmer body wash for all of $3, and then there was this handbag that had 3.4 ounce sizes of the Supermodel shimmer lotion and shimmer mist, as well as a .25 ounce size of the EDP. Turns out, it was $5!!! The purse is a bit small for me, but I am able to make it work.

Then the next day, I saw that my tax refund had come in. It will be very telling to tell tomorrow…because that is when I will find out if it didn’t, and if I way overdrafted. But with the assurance that it had been deposited on the 28th, I went to a different Express and got myself three pieces. First, I got myself my sequinned leggings. They are a full-length on me, so they work out just perfectly to wear under a short skirt or maybe shorts. Okay, just kidding about that last one. I also got the sequin high-waisted skirt-which will be perfect with a white button-down. Finally, I got my black dress. It’s a strapless dress, kinda A-line, but with a bit of a bubble hem. It has a bit of crinoline or stuffing inside though, because it definitely has some pouf to it. All of them were $18 each, and I definitely feel that I did good, as all pieces will get some sort of wear.

That mall has a VS PINK store-the only one in the Northwest-and I had to go see their supposed sale. Well they had all of the redlines 50% off, so I picked up three things. $3.50 for some red opague tights, $1.50 for some gummy candies (free of gelatin!!!), and finally $10 for a hoodie. As I am leaving, I see something in the armoire. Could it be? YES! They had the sheet sets-for $25! It was not an impulse buy, trust me-as I had been wanting the sheets for at least 8 months, and $25 is damn good for a set of sheets. I haven’t put them on my bed yet, as I am waiting to get my room organized (no I haven’t done that yet). I see that as kind of being a reward for getting the work done.

Tomorrow I am packing my day full-I am headed to Bellevue Square because I cannot live without that poufy red dress (the same as the black one), and then hopefully up to the CCO…as I have a 231 brush calling my name.


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