27 January, 2009

So this isn’t new-new…I got it late last week, but my computer access is sporadic at best.

Anywhoo, it is mainly for the Beauty Club members, with 20% off a bunch of different items. I’m warning you: most of the deals are not that great. There are things like UDPP and the 24/7 liners that are a part of it, sure. However, some things are not as great. OPI polishes are 20% off-however they are usually B1G1 50% off, or B2G1 free. I usually will buy a few different colours, so if it’s BOGO I am paying $12.75 plus tax-and if it’s B2G1 it’ll be $17 plus tax-as opposed to $6.80 apiece. I do want to get some of the Brights, as well as the lavender that is in the new South Beach collection…but I’ll wait.

Also Sexy Hair liters are on sale, which is a good deal. I need to use something other than my Fekkai. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good stuff, however there is better for cheaper, and I have such crazy hair that I have to make a shampoo cocktail.

Back to the UD liners…the worst part is that the new liners aren’t even out yet in stores (for the most part), and occasionally Urban Decay will do a friends/family sale where stuff is 30% off.


One Response to “New ULTA Ad”

  1. nailpolish12 Says:

    i heard about this! i was so upset because i literally was just there right before the sale. thanks for the update though and nice “theme” thing for your blog (ours our the same! haha) keep up the good work!

    check out my nailpolish blog!

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