Hello Kitty & MAC

27 January, 2009

So I am sure that you have all heard about the MAC Hello Kitty collection! The launch parties are next week, and it hits stores on the 12th of February. I will be going to an event on the 14th-figure that with no man to love me I need to focus on my main love, ie MAC.

This is quite possibly one of the biggest collections that MAC has ever done, outside of the holiday stuff. 6 lipsticks, 6 lipglasses, 2 tinted lip conditioners, 2 eye quads, 4 glitter liners, 3 nail polishes, 2 pigments, 2 Reflects glitters, 2 Beauty Powders, 2 Beauty Powder blushes, and accessories GALORE. The lipsticks, for the most part, are definitely wearable but some of them look to push the boundaries. I am definitely getting Big Bow and maybe Most Popular. I am in love with brighter pinks, and I bet at least one of these will be a glaze (I LOVE the glaze lipsticks). Big Bow is described as a sheer, intense bright blue-pink-so maybe a dupe for Fun ‘n Sexy from FAFI? I missed out on that, so I hope this will suffice. Most Popular is described as a sheer deep berry, which is something I do not have. As far as the other shades go, they look decent but not my cup of tea.

Lipglasses…nom nom nom. Nice to be Nice and Nice Kitty will DEFINITELY be coming home with me…they look like WAY brighter versions of the Manish glosses. BTW I lost my Shine Manish:'( Sweet Strawberry and Fast Friends both look nice-Sweet Strawberry is a nice, lighter berry colour, and Fast Friends looks to be a darker version of Funtabulous Dazzleglass. The other two shades-She Loves Candy and Mimmy-are lighter pinks, but I wouldn’t say super-pale.

The tinted lip conditioners are something that I tend to skip, however they are good for the younger audiences as well as people who like to keep their makeup minimal. I admit, they would be cute in my beach bag! However it’s something that would be strictly-CCO’ed as my funds will be very limited.

The eye quads are something I will have to wait and see on. The Lucky Tom quad is more easily dupe-able, at least from what I can tell. Paradisco is a permanent, and Stylin’ looks like a brighter version of Parfait Amour. Creme Royale is the requisite highlight shade, that everyone owns at least one or more dupes for, and then Lucky Tom is a brown with pearl. The other quad, the Too Dolly, is more my thing. Yes, there is a perm shade-Yogurt. It’s a matte, however it could work quite nicely. Romping is back in this-it was originally in C-Shock, and I kinda need it. Too Dolly is a minty green, and if it is remotely different from Mood Ring I will need this as well. Finally, Stately Black sounds like it has been in a holiday palette, and it sounds like a velvet or lustre (rich blue with sparkle). If I hear good reviews on this palette, I will get it because I want Romping, and Too Dolly sounds gorgeous.

I generally avoid the Glitter Liners, because Urban Decay’s are a way better value. And with UD putting out two new pink shades, I am set to go. The one thing the UD ones lack is multidimensional glitter-but for double the product for not much more money I’ll stick with UD, mercibeaucoup.

The pigments…yeah. Deep Blue Green is a permanent PRO shade, and honestly, it’s way too dark for me. Hell, I rarely ever touch my jar of Teal! Milk is described as a frosty light silvery pink which screams Helium to me. The hope is that this has way better texture, but this will lack the red duochrome that made Helium so unique and indispensable for me. As for the glitters, Reflects Very Pink has come out multiple times in the last year or so, so if you have a MAC collection this is probably already in it. I suggest getting this if you REALLY love pink looks. It’s not as good as glitters like Reflects Bronze though, unfortunately. However Reflects Blue is joining, which I hope is like Reflects Transparent Teal. I am definitely getting Reflects Blue, as I love my glitters.

The Beauty Powders are both repromoted. Pretty Baby was in Diana Ross, while Tahitian Sand was in Catherine Deneuve (both Icon collections). I am getting Pretty Baby, only because I am way more into pinks than bronzes. Tahitian Sand would be nice to have, however I rarely touch my other BP. The blushes both look wearable, as they are BPB’s. Tippy is a blue-pink, and I am interested only because I want something that isn’t Sheertone. Fun & Games was actually used by many MAC artists for Fashion Week, and it is more of a peach shade.

Finally we have the accessories. To me, the only one that I really want is the brush set. It’s $49.50, and you get a 187, 129, and 239 in SE size along with a brush cup. I do also like the key clip, as it is only $16, I love Hello Kitty, and it has a mini mirror. The rest of the stuff though is fairly skippable. The doll looks to be relatively small, unfortunately. If it was larger, or cheaper, I would get it.

The reason, however, that I am skipping a lot is Kitty Kouture, which is an ultra-exclusive and uber-expensive range. Two Dazzleglasses will be $28 each-because they have a Swarovski crystal charm that can be worn as a necklace. The charm isn’t THAT pretty, but I love Swarovski and I love HK. Meanwhile, there is the Sheer Mystery powder in a special Swarovski-encrusted case for $90. Yep, I’m buying it just for the casing, and I would probably put something in there that I actually use. For that price, there had better be a velvet bag or something to put it in to protect it…

The Kitty Kouture comes out later, which is good on many levels. First, I get to use my giftcard and some tax money to get the regular collection stuff-two lipsticks, two lipglasses, a Reflects glitter, Beauty Powder, and maybe a quad or a blush. Then I can have a job and get the expensive stuff. If Kitty Kouture came out at the same time, I would not get a thing from the regular collection. And because I have not bought any makeup in almost two months, it’s time to go big.

The collection info is from Temptalia-go there for more info about HK.


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