Express Sale

17 January, 2009

So as the Express sale winds down, all of the redlines in the store are an additional 40% off. Yes, 40%. Frickin INSANE!

The downside to this is that yeah, what you want will more than likely be gone in the medium sizes by this point. However, if you are patient, and willing to go to a few different stores, you can hit the veritable gold mine.

There were three main pieces I was looking for. Not likely at all was the black strapless dress with the feathers-Katrina Kaif wore an LBD with feathers on the bottom to an event a couple weeks ago, and I just want the Express dress more. More likely, but not in a size 6, was the paillettes dress-a sheath covered in gunmetal silver pailettes. And most likely of all was another one of my square-neck tunic dresses-this one in pink.I used the sale as an excuse to drag my mum up there today, and she did decently-she found two sweaters, a dress shirt, and a pair of earrings. I got her beat though.

I did find the tunic dresses I wanted-two different ones! While they did not have the black, they did have the pink one I wanted, as well as a different pink one. The first one is a solid pink, with pink and silver sequin trim. The other is a fuschia burnout print-way cool-with satin fuschia sequins. Both of them were $12 each! I already had the teal, and it is a hit at church. A little on the shorter end, but it’s still a very nice piece. Nobody complains, and I usually wear black tights with it for coverage.

I also found a crazy multicoloured black silk strapless dress. There’s a ruffle starting at the front and going up the side, and it has a nice thick belt. I am IN LOVE. I thought it was a longer shirt at first but I tried it on at home (I know my Express sizing) and it was a nice mini-short, so it shows half the thigh, but long enough to cover the butt and then some. It was $18, down from $98…and this will get a lot of wearing soon.

I can’t have enough sequins, so I got what may be my 4th or 5th tank. This one is black, with silver and bronze sequins-but there is an argyle pattern. Hell yes. It was $9, which wasn’t too bad for my mum (she paid for it all:))

Finally, as we head back towards the registers, I see all the jackets. There was a pink tweed/boucle jacket that was in a size 4 that I wanted, but alas, no size 6. Well they had it in red, in a 6…and marked down to $18 from over $160. I not only have been wanting a tweed jacket for a long time, because I love Chanel but can’t afford haute couture, but I also want a shorter dressy jacket. I love my hoodies and all, all 25 of them…but there are some times where I wish I had something nicer, but I don’t want the length of the ol’ Michael Kors trench.

Total for everything was around $100. That’s half the sticker price of my jacket and tank top alone. I ought to tally up how much everything was originally and how much we saved.


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