Circuit City Store Closing!

17 January, 2009

And you know what that means…massive sale!

Most items in the store are at least 10% off-some items up to 30% off. This is a great way to get some accessories for a video game system, or to get a fun new piece of electronics.

One good deal I saw was the Guitar Hero: Aerosmith for Wii for $36. If you want iPod accessories, act fast. They did not have the Rayman game I wanted, however they had both the new Animal Crossing game as well as Kirby Super Star Ultra.

So what did I get?

Well, I got two things. First was a Samsung digital camera, in bright blue, for $72. It’s 8.1 MP, with 3x zoom. Figure for what I use a camera for, this will suffice quite nicely. I also got a wall charger for my iPod. My docking station just broke on me-at least the part that you hook up to the iPod. It is not TOTALLY useless, as I could use it as a radio or alarm clock…but I don’t really need a docking station, as I don’t use my iPod as a boombox. I just need something to plug it into the wall. I found something, for $31.

As the weeks go on, check back as the sales may get more insane! If the job hunting goes well, a new television may be in order…


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