Katie’s Signature Omelette

14 January, 2009

So being bored at home over the last few weeks, I’ve turned to my freezer to see what I can come up with to make. I love the Campbell’s butternut squash soup, but after awhile it does get boring. (I have a 5-box supply at all times, in case of emergency) So based on the frittata that my mum makes on Christmas and the occasional Sunday morning, I came up with this recipe last night-and already, the parentals have stolen it because they were impressed. Heh…

You need:

3 eggs
6-8 ounces of hash browns, or enough to cover the bottom of a 10″ frying pan
3 ounces Tillamook medium cheddar cheese
3 ounces Tillamook pepperjack cheese
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/4 onion, diced
3 medium white mushrooms, sliced
one green onion stalk, sliced

(you can use any vegetables that you want in this…I just used the ones I normally like on pizza)

Heat up the olive oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat. While that heats up (1-2 minutes), crack and beat the eggs. Add the hash browns-enough to cover the bottom of the pan-and let them cook while you slice the vegetables. After those are sliced, grate the pepperjack. Add the onion on top of the hash browns, then grate the cheddar. Add the mushrooms on top of the hash browns and let cook for a minute or so. Then, mix the green onion with the egg and pour over top of the hash browns, making sure that they are entirely covered by the egg/green onion mixture. Move the pan around in a circular motion to get it to firm up, and after there is no liquid to slosh around, let cook for 1 additional minute. Then, slowly sprinkle the cheese on top-mixing it up-and let the cheese melt. Voila! Ready to eat.

Another variation on this recipe would be to instead of letting the egg mixture just sit, to break it up in a sort of scramble. It’s a bit of a different effect but it still tastes amazing!

Now I said Tillamook cheeses specifically. They simply are the best-not only that but for me, they are local, and I like to support independent business. They also do amazing ice cream! If you cannot find Tillamook cheese, use the best cheese from a locally-based company, but if you can find Tillamook then USE IT. A 2-pound baby loaf of the cheddar is around $7-$8, and pepperjack is more-but that’s a lot of value for what you are getting.


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