H&M Sale

14 January, 2009

Going on right now at an H&M near you could be the BOGO sale! All redline items are buy one, get one FREE. Not only is that a good deal on its own, but the reductions are insane. Some little silky gloves with stone detail on the wrist-$5. Leggings-$5-$10. Shirts and skirts start around $10, and there were even some cute dressier things!

I went and got two items-all I could do cause my bank account is running on empty. I first got a floral-print A-line skirt. For $10, originally $50, I was not going to say no to this kind of deal. It’s below-the-knee as far as the length goes, which is something I desperately needed. While I am addicted to shorter skirts, it is nice to have a more modest option for church, fancier events, and job interviews, to name a few. Also good for spring days where it won’t exactly be on the warmer end.

Then I saw what I needed-my leggings. I am not normally a leggings person, however there was a thick pair that was all lace that I bought back in September, when I went for the downtown Seattle opening. I got it in cream-and they are a fashion staple. They are a full-length legging, which on me translates to covering half my foot-or I can scrunch them at the ankle. Well, I got them in an auburn-brown sort of colour-and I am loving them. They are great to wear with anything-from a little extra warmth under pants or capris to a fun thing to layer over some opague tights. And they were FREE (!!!) because I also got the skirt.


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