Easy Job Hunting Look

14 January, 2009

(sorry, no pictures available yet)

Today, I had to go out job hunting (which was an utter failure). Won’t SOMEBODY hire me?!? Anywhoo, that means a more reserved look when it comes to the makeup, as I don’t know how cool each place is with the fun colours, but I will NOT go makeupless. This is a very easy look, and the beauty of it is that you can do any lip colour that you want to with this.

You will need:Eyes: Lancome Cils Booster, Urban Decay Zero eyeliner, Very Sexy High Definition Mascara, MAC Goldmine, Rose Blanc, and Amber Lights eyeshadows; MAC Reflects Bronze glitter
Cheeks: MAC Pink Swoon blush
Lips: I used Shine Manish lipglass, however you can do whatever you want.

Substitutions: Rose Blanc-Crystal Avalanche. Reflects Bronze-Copper Sparkle pigment. Shine Manish-the closest duplicate would be Nice to be Nice from the upcoming Hello Kitty collection. For a good permanent shade to go with this, I suggest Wonderstruck.

Start out by tightlining with Zero (on the waterline). Then after doing mascara and such, apply Rose Blanc all over the lid and upper area with a 252-style brush. Use a 213 or 228 to apply Goldmine over the entire lid, and use a 219 to apply Amber Lights to the outer third of the eye area. Use a 212 with Reflects Bronze to apply as lower liner, and then use a small tapered blending brush, like the 226, to apply it in the crease. Blend well! Then use your favourite blush brush to apply Pink Swoon on the cheek, and finish with a coat of Shine Manish.

I would have also used Belightful with my 181, followed by a sweeping of Petticoat over the Pink Swoon, however I kinda forgot:) However you do it though-subbing out mattes for the frosty shades, or maybe doing a matte brown instead of the Reflects-it is an easy way to look good when getting out there. At least I think so:)


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