100, and New Sephora Stuff

10 January, 2009

Post 100!!! YAY!

Anyways, there’s some new Sephora exclusives, and they are all looking mighty interesting!

Clinique has two sets that are exclusive. One of them is a skincare set like you wouldn’t believe, with try-me sizes of the mild liquid face soap, the Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion, the clarifying lotion, the makeup remover, and High Impact mascara, plus full sizes of City Block (an SPF 25 facial sunscreen) and All About Eyes (which my mum swears by). The set is worth over $70, but at Sephora, it is $46. It is for types 1/2, which I believe is normal to dry skin. However, if you are like me and a type 3/4, there is also a set for you, with the oily face soap, the Clarifying Lotion 3, and the moisturizing gel (gels are better for oilier skin).

The other Clinique set is an Almost Makeup set. You get the Almost Makeup with SPF 15, which seems to be a tinted moisturizer. I am a big fan of tinted moisturizers because I get the benefit of hydration for my skin, but things also get evened out-and my pores don’t get as clogged. You then get the Almost Powder Makeup, which seems to be a sheerer powder foundation designed to give light coverage while still looking natural. There’s Almost Lipstick, which seems to be more of a stain in stick form rather than a stick or a gloss. Finally, you also get what looks to be a good quality foundation brush to go with it. It’s $57 for the set, so it’s definitely a better deal if you normally use some of the products because you may get to try something new as well as stocking up on your favourites.

Stila’s newest bargain set is a travel-themed set, with all of the products packaged in a quart-sized zippered bag, and the products being 3 ounces or less. You get a small size of the tinted moisturizer, a deluxe size of the Brown Sugar lip glaze, a small size of the Multi Effect mascara (has a curved brush), a Peony convertible colour, a kajal liner, and a bronzer-all for $40. It’s worth more than triple that, and I have heard nothing but good things about those products. If you’re into makeup but try to maybe do a look that is “me, but better”, this would be a great thing.

Another Stila set that I just spotted is definitely better for me and it has brights galore! There’s Serena lip colour (a copper), Fuschia convertible colour, a Cobalt smudge pot, and then four different eye duos-Terracotta, Orchid, Fandango, and Borealis. It’s only $48, and it is definitely the kind of thing I would use a lot more.

Something that is a great Sephora exclusive is the Juicy Loves Sephora line-an exclusive set of bags and accessories by Juicy Couture. Among the things I am interested in are the brush set, the necklace, and the big tote. Come on-a bigger Juicy tote for under $100? They also do a $300+ traincase, which is the ultimate dream, but I wouldn’t even get the MAC carry-all case, and that’s over $200. I will check out that sometime next week, as I have to go downtown anyways…

Expect there to be a lot more fun makeup coming soon though, because spring collections are coming soon.


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