Seven Days of Purple: Day 4

6 January, 2009

So sorry for not getting more looks up…I’ve been having a few camera and computer-access problems, so I have done some more looks but don’t have the pictures. I will try and get more up today though, to hopefully catch up.

Anywhoo, this was yesterday’s look…a quite crazy look, if you ask me. I don’t recommend doing THAT heavy of a cheek normally, however this was with a more subdued lip.

The products used:Eyes: Stars ‘n Rockets, Viz-a-Violet, Helium, Goldmine, UD Spandex liner, UD Metalhead liner, UD Zero liner, Lancome Cils Booster, VS Very Sexy High Definition mascara
Cheek: Devil, Belightful, Pink Swoon
Lip: Fleur De Light

Substitutions: Viz-a-Violet=Beautiful Iris. Helium=Pink Freeze (not a good duplicate). Fleur De Light=any lighter lipglass.


Start out with the mascara, and then apply Stars ‘n Rockets to the entire lid with a 213. Using a 275, apply Helium from the crease to the brow, and then use a small tapered blending brush to apply Viz-a-Violet in the crease. Apply Spandex liner right at the top lash line, and do three coats, making sure to give each one time to dry. Then, using a 219-style brush, apply Goldmine as a lower liner, with a thin coat of Metalhead over that right at the lash line. Apply Zero at your waterline. Then, use a blush brush like the 109 to do a thin coat of Devil right on the cheekbone, and then use Belightful with the 181 to buff over the entire cheek area, followed by a sweeping over the brows. Use the 109-style brush to apply a thin coat of Pink Swoon over, and buff the edges with the 181. Finally, one coat of Fleur De Light is all you need to rock out.


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