Seven Days of Purple: Day 3

2 January, 2009

So I didn’t do a look yesterday, as my face needed a bit of rest from all the makeup. However, I am back at it today, and honestly, I hate this look. I was trying to scrounge something together, just using random things, and failed. My original goal was a peacock look, however I will try that again some other time.

Anywhoo, on with the carnage.

Products used:Eyes: Crystal Avalanche, UD Fishnet, Creme de Violet, Juiced, Reflects Gold, Mutiny, Gilded Green, NP Private Ocean, Lancome Cils Booster, VS Very Sexy High Definition mascara
Cheeks: Devil
Lips: Pleasure Principle+ a little bit of Reflects Gold, Bronze, and Purple Duo glitters

Substitutions (for this look): Juiced=Goldmine. Reflects Gold=MUFE White Gold Diamond Powder. Mutiny=Turquoise Star Powder. Gilded Green=Golden Olive (not a great match). Private Ocean=Aquadisiac (completely different, however Aquadisiac will work very similarly). Pleasure Principle=Lustrewhite+loads of Reflects glitter.


Start out with mascara and Cils Booster, then use your 252 to apply Crystal Avalanche from crease to brow. Apply Fishnet all over the lid with whatever brush you want, then apply Creme de Violet over the inner half of the lid. Apply Mutiny on the outer corner, and then lightly blend with a 217. Using a 210, apply Private Ocean as a top liner. Then using a mini pencil liner brush, apply Gilded Green as lower liner, and Reflects Gold over that. Finally, use a 217 to put Juiced in the crease. Apply Devil with a blush brush, and then buff with a 181, and finally, get your lips all glossed up.


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