Seven Days of Purple: Day 2

31 December, 2008

So today, I mainly got my inspiration from a dress that I have from Express. It’s gold and has a lot of sequins-it’s very opulent, at least in my humble and always-correct opinion (heh). So I decided to use my rarely-touched Amber Lights and Goldmine shadows along with some purples to create a look, and honestly, I’m actually not that disappointed with it. It’s definitely a look that I could have gone brighter on, but if you were to use more of a matte shadow, it would also be a lot less wild, so perfect for more professional things.

The products used:Eyes: Rose Blanc, Goldmine, Amber Lights, Star Violet, Violet pigment, Stars ‘n Rockets, Creme de Violet, Lancome Cils Booster, VS Very Sexy High Definition mascara, UD Zero liner
Cheeks: mark Worldly Glow blush, So Ceylon MSF
Lips: Chanel Spark glossimer

Substitutions: Rose Blanc=Nylon. Worldly Glow=any bronzer of your choice.



How to get my look: First, start out with Cils Booster and then the mascara. Then apply Rose Blanc with a 252 from the crease to the browbone. After that, apply Amber Lights to the middle 70% of the lid with a 275. Using a 213 or similar brush, apply Goldmine to the inner third of the lid, making sure to blend. Do the same with Star Violet on the outer third of the lid. Next, using a small tapered brush, apply Violet pigment in the crease. Use a 212 to apply Stars ‘n Rockets shadow as a lower liner, and then on the outer half of lower liner, go over that with Creme de Violet. Then do Zero as your waterline, top and lower. For the cheeks, use a blush brush like the 109 to apply Worldly Glow, and then go over that with So Ceylon using a 181. Finally, all you need is one coat of Glossimer, and voila, you are ready to par-tay.


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