Urban Decay: Spring 09

30 December, 2008

So Urban Decay has just put up the first part of its spring products-and all I have to say is HOLY &#$*!.

First up are four new shades of the Heavy Metal eyeliner. Two of them, actually, have been in sets-one of them is Midnight Cowboy, which is a champagne-gold glitter, and absolutely gorgeous. The other is Stage Dive, a turquoise green that has been in the eyeliner trio sets.  Finally, there are pinks-two of them! The first one is Groupie, which is a pale pink. I am definitely interested in it, as it would be a fun thing to do for many of my looks, and it’s different from just doing Midnight Cowboy, which is what I normally would do. Then there is Catfight, which looks to be a nice, true fuschia. I am a huge fan of pink eye looks, so I am definitely rushing to get this one. I have used a bright pink glitter liner before-Too Faced’s Super Freak. While it is a lovely colour, and it has the multitonal glitter particles that Catfight lacks, there are three big issues. First, the brush is WAY too long. UD’s brush is nice and precise and thin, which is what I expect. Second, the value of the UD liners simply can’t be beat-for 50 cents more than the Too Faced liners, you get nearly double the product. Finally, my Too Faced liner dried out insanely fast. BERK!

There are also going to be cream shadows. The nice thing about these is they have a squeeze-tube packaging, with a little doefoot applicator in the cap. The easiest comparison would be if you had a cap like MAC’s lipglasses, with a tube like the Lipgelees. I am not normally a fan of cream shadows, however there are some drool-worthy shades in there-not just neutrals.

Midnight Cowboy lipstick, anyone? This lipstick looks to be a very lovely lip that you could pair with anything-“a champagne with sparkles”.

Finally, there are four new 24/7 eyeliners. Three of them are nice, bright shades. You have Graffiti, which looks to be exactly like the shadow of the same name-a nice, true yellow-green. Covet is a great shade, but too dark for most of my uses. Flipside looks to be a darker turquoise, and in a way, I hope that it is matte, so I have a nice coloured shadow for my waterline. Ransom looks to be exactly like the shadow of the same name-a darker, cool purple. Lust is definitely a warmer purple, although still cool. Finally, there is Underground, which looks to be browner than the shadow of the same name. It looks awfully similar to Bourbon at first, however I am hoping that this is either matte, or it has something else to make it different. As I have very sensitive eyes, I have to be careful about what I put on my waterline, and I need a liner that is matte. However, I want to do colours, and UD’s 24/7 liners are the only things that can really stay on it for me.

All of these items will go online at urbandecay.com on Friday, however the Heavy Metal liners are already up-and Midnight Cowboy is already sold out for now. They’ll hit the stores in February, along with presumably many other things-as this is just a preview.


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