Seven Days of Purple: Day 1

30 December, 2008

So I thought in order to get me inspired, and to get me using my purples, I ought to do 7 days of purple looks. This is day 1-and the best part is that all of the products in today’s look are permanent, one of them being a Pro product though.

The products used:

Eyes: Crystal Avalanche, Beautiful Iris, UD Fishnet, UD Ransom, Violet pigment, Creme de Violet, Reflects Purple Duo glitter, UD Metalhead liner, UD Zero (shadow or liner…I used shadow), Lancome Cils Booster, VS Very Sexy High Definition mascara, Sephora #504 jumbo eye crayon
Cheeks: Urban Decay Exhale blush
Lips: Plumful lipstick, Flashmode Lustreglass


How to get my look: Apply Cils Booster and then mascara to lashes. Next, use a 252 to apply Crystal Avalanche from the crease to the brow. Use a 275 and apply Beautiful Iris all over the lid. Take a small shader brush and then apply Fishnet to the outer 2/3 of the lid, and blend the edge between that and the Beautiful Iris. Then use a small shader brush and apply Ransom to the outer third, making sure to blend. Use a teensy shader brush, or a pencil liner brush, to apply a smidge of Violet as a border of sorts right on the edge of the Ransom, going a bit into the crease. As always BLEND! Use a 217 and then apply Creme de Violet into the crease, going back over with it after having applied to smooth out the edges. Do two coats of a thin line of Metalhead right at the top lashline, for a lovely glittery effect. Use a 209 brush and dip it in Zero, and apply on the lower waterline and the upper. (Hint: The upper waterline is the space between the inner corner/tear duct, and where the lashes begin) Then as a lower liner, use the eye crayon and do as thin a line as you can. Finally, for the eye, use a pencil liner brush, like a 219, and apply Reflects Purple Duo over the line you just did. The easiest way for me to do that is to tilt my head down but look up-that way I can get as close to a perfect line as possible. Use a blush brush and then apply a little bit of Exhale to the cheek, and then finish off with the lips.

This look is basically just a giant experiment. I wanted to do something fun with the glitters, as I just got the Reflects, and I need to pull out my UD liners a lot more often. This would definitely be a NYE look for me, if I did that kind of thing-but since my New Year’s entails going to bed early to watch the entire Looney Tunes marathon on Thursday, I will not be going anywhere.


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