29 December, 2008

So it’s post-Christmas sale time, and everywhere you go, you are bound to find good deals. It’s dangerous for somebody like me who has no money, but even with very little, I can still find insane deals.

For instance, it was the first day of the VS Half-Yearly sale. I can spend HUNDREDS at this-and I wanted to, because they had HOODIES!!! None of the velour ones, sadly-and they only had one pair of velour sweats. They weren’t black, which I need, since I have the matching hoodie. I normally hate sweats, but the fact that they are black and velour makes them infinitely less heinous. I did, however, pick up a football tee for $10-but here’s a warning: much of the clothing from Pink, hoodies being an exception in many cases, are running quite large. I got the football tee in a size small, which I never thought I would be able to fit into. There were several 75% off beauty items-some of the home fragrance, some Sexy Little Things makeup, and so forth. I picked up three items-a Razzleberry lipgloss, a Heavenly Kiss Angel mist, and then a BBV Sensual lotion. The lipgloss in the tube is a dark purple with chunky glitter, but it goes on sheer and tastes delish. It is a backup for me, as I don’t intend to do a whole lot of shopping, so I have to get everything all squared away. The Angel mist is lovely, as well. I was hoping for the EDP, however the Angel mist has decent staying power, and it is a nice, flirty fragrance. Finally, the lotion is so lightweight-but in a good way. It’s got a freesia fragrance, and that was all I needed to know. SOLD! Total cost for all of that, with tax, was $22 and change.

Then I went to the VS Pink store, and I picked up a pillow. For $12, it’s a great deal. Not like I needed another pillow, but most of the good accessories were sold out. I might check U-Village to see if they still have the icepack though. Anyways, they had some insane goodies. They had the new swimwear, which I wasn’t thrilled with. They had full-sequin hoodies and pants, which would have been mine in a perfect world. Way cute totes, dog accessories, and then more clearance than you could shake a stick at.

Finally, I went to BBW. No, not the one with the crappy management that fired me. I went down to one three busses away, to see what they had. And let me say I wasn’t that disappointed! I got myself three Gardenia Lily bubble baths. I am a bubble bath fanatic, and so if I see some good 75% off ones, I will stock up. I also picked up three of the Ginger Mentha lip shine. One is going to my friend Sara, as she LOVES hers, and I don’t want her to be without. Got a full-size of the Hot Fudge too. I have the mini, and I like it the best of the three in that trio. Finally, I got myself a mini Glittery Gumdrop lotion. I always have been a fan of the Temptations lotions, and it was $1.25 plus tax. I don’t need any more little lotions, but it’s a fun fragrance, very uplifting…that is, if I even can find my mini of it in the 3/1!

In a way, it is good for me that I am not shopping the sales as extensively as I normally would, as I need to take the time to get everything I own organized. Yes, the O word. I would need a good $300 in bins, shelves, and other doodads…but it should help. I need more clothes like I need a hole in the head, as my closet is still overflowing even after I did a massive purge. I filled up MULTIPLE boxes just to go to charity-clothes, an old sheet set and comforter (only used for a year), and yet I’m still not getting a handle on everything. Yet. And even though I want at least 7 different hoodies from VS, I already own 14, which is already too many considering I have another 10 from other places-Aero, Hollister, and my Thespian sweater (yes I still do wear it)-that get pushed to the wayside.

However, if I see a good deal on a blazer, I need one.


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