Merry MACmas!

25 December, 2008

Merry Christmas to all! I hope everybody is having a good Christmas, and that it’s been full of food, fun, family, and so forth!

So last night, I wasn’t able to get to church for Christmas Eve. All makeup done and everything-but the roads in the area SUCK. It was definitely a lot more effective to stay home and keep a car off the roads at this hour. But life goes on and figure many people would have stayed home.

But this morning was a different story-as Christmas brings beauty stuff! My brother gave me three of the MAC items on my list. I got two Reflects glitters-Purple Duo and Bronze. Purple Duo is an unusual glitter as there seems to be a pigment base in there. It also isn’t a violet as much as it is an indigo. With a primer, this could be used as a shadow. Then there is Bronze, which not only came pleasantly fully packed, or damn close to, but has amazing staying power, is smooth as hell, and is subtle but still gives a good pop of colour. I did not put Blackened Red on the list, because it comes and goes quite often…but I am seriously thisclose to getting Transparent Teal. Finally, I got Vegas Volt lipstick which is GORGEOUS. It’s an amplified creme, so the colour is rich on the lips, and the colour is a lovely coral. It is intense, but I love a good coral, so it is very welcome.

Then my mum got me a 181 brush and I am IN LOVE. It is soft like silk, and amazing for my brighter blushes as well as for skinfinishes. It is my first MAC face brush-I am holding off for the Hello Kitty brush set for the 187 and 109-and I have to say it was a good choice.I also got some other fun goodies. I got the Jaqua hand cream trio, which has the Pink, Cocoa, and the new Raspberry Buttercream Frosting hand creams. I got an UD Heavy Metal liner in Spandex, but I may exchange it because I already have it and NEVER use it. I got two pairs of socks and then a pair of tights, but one of the pairs of socks I will donate to charity as they aren’t my style.

I got three pairs of earrings too. One of them is a pair of little diamond studs-like the ones I got last year, so something nice and subtle. Then I got a pair of large-ish blue topaz studs, and then some small princess cut simulated opals.

I did get my Escada Sunset Heat set-and LOVE IT! I also got a new Ed Hardy shirt-a black shirt with a smallish yellow rose print on the front.

Finally, my dad got me just what I needed-$100 in Starbucks gift cards.

In our family, we don’t really do a ton of wrapped presents anymore. My mum will do one big bag filled with stuff, and then my dad does a few bags. I’m fairly simple to buy for-just follow the list-and doing the bags is very economical because the bags are used year after year, and we don’t do a ton with wrapping paper, and nothing with ribbons or bows. And you know what? That’s fine with me, especially because with all the snow, we’ve not had our garbage picked up.


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