Do NOT Try This At Home!!!-Snowed In

18 December, 2008

Snowed In: Full

So many people like to post pictures of what makeup they are wearing-but I figured it would be much more fun for me to do an over-the-top look that you should not wear unless it is for a costume, or a photoshoot, or what not…something more creative, funny, or just plain wacky. I say DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!, because it looks dumb. But I am willing to make an arse of myself!

The Look: Snowed In
Inspiration: The crappy weather we’ve been a-havin’ lately!


The products I used:
Lancome Cils Booster XL
Very Sexy High Definition mascara
Rose Blanc eyeshadow (as base highlight)
Lancome Style Section eyeshadow (all over lid, and lower)
Helium Pigment (on cheek)
Lark About pigment (in crease, on cheek)
Reflects Gold glitter (from crease to brow, and below eye)
MUFE Glitter #4 (above brow, on sides of nose, and over some of the Reflects Gold)
Pleasure Principle Dazzleglass

The main thing that makes this unwearable is the blue on the cheeks-the blue in Lark About really comes out there and I brushed it all over. It is also very heavy on the glitter, and I am wondering WHY I did not add 3D Silver to it. The thing I did with Helium was I brushed it on like I would blush, and then just swept it lightly down the rest of the face to use what was left on the brush. I did Lark About as a blush too, and then I applied it over the brows. The MUFE glitter is very chunky, however it is gorgeous-it’s a chunkier version of a Reflects glitter. Reflects Gold is a staple product for me-I cannot live without it. Style Section is a really nice eyeshadow.

Finally, this is a decent one of the mascara+booster-and I can honestly say it doesn’t do them justice.


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