MAC Holiday Sale!

17 December, 2008

So I forgot to post this the other day…silly me! Anyway, all of the MAC holiday giftsets are 25% off on the MAC website. It’s a good way to pick up some last minute gifts, or to get an extra indulgence item or two. I would have been all over this like a pig in slop!

The best item to pick up would be the Glamour Bag (under the Exclusives section). It is $30 on sale, and you get Bare Slimshine, Belightful IPP, a mini Zoomlash, and then a 181SE. You can also get the palettes (with the exception of the Viva Glam lip sets), the lip bags, the Little Darlings, and then the brush sets. While the brush sets are better to be bought at the CCO, it still is a great deal if you don’t live near one.

I do not know if this applies to the Nordstrom party bag-but if it does, that’s a really good deal as it would be around $33 and some change.


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