Very Sexy High Definition mascara: Review

16 December, 2008

So this was one of the things that I got in the VS gift tote on Black Friday, and I have to say, it was one of the best additions that they could have done. Not only is it not another crappy lotion or another body spray, but it’s something you can actually use. I find that in many cases, the VS Very Sexy makeup line is very underrated. It’s a little lower-priced than MAC so it kind of fades. You definitely are not going to get the funkiest makeup, however there are occasionally limited edition collections that have some nice things, and many of the products are better than some comparable high-end products.

Anyways, this mascara has a “precision” brush-it’s one of the ones with the little plastic spikes, instead of the spiraled fibers. There are a lot of mascaras these days that have a similar brush, however the spikes are shorter and a bit thinner, and there are more of them. You aren’t going to get any funky colours-it’s either black, or brown. Not like I can get a good coloured mascara anywhere these days… I have used one mascara with a similar brush, Avon’s Uplifiting mascara, and I find that it is nice, but it wasn’t what I really needed, and it didn’t give me volume like how I want.

So I’ve been using this mascara for almost a month now…

…and I have already bought a couple of backup tubes. It not only gives me a lot of length, but it gives volume as well, and it looks, at least on me, to curl them a bit. Curl isn’t the most important thing for me-I do not own an eyelash curler-but it gives enough to really open up my eyes. The brush really gets to all my lashes, and unlike other High Definition mascaras that I have used, it doesn’t go on super-clumpy.

The best part of this all? The mascara retails for $12-but occasionally, as in a couple times a year, it might go on sale-it was 3/$30 a couple weeks ago. Also many times there are totes you can buy for a small amount with a certain beauty purchase, and they usually have a couple of goodies in there.


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