MAC Chill Collection Online NOW!!!

16 December, 2008

This collection was originally supposed to be released the day after Christmas, however it has been pushed up a week…so expect to see it on Thursday at your local counter or store!

The main thing that is exciting, for many, is the Penultimate Liner. It’s a pen-form eyeliner, and it is not meant to be used on the waterline (from what I hear), and it will be a permanent product-meaning that there could be more liners released eventually! Naturally, the first colour is a black, but I hope for some nice, brighter colours.

There’s also 5 shadows-4 new LE ones, as well as a repromote of Vellum which JUST went Pro-only. The best of the shadows to me is Wintersky, which is a neutral pink and a Veluxe Pearl. Each of the other shadows has a different finish-Mont Black (Velvet), Apres-Ski (Matte), Arctic Grey (Satin), and then Vellum (Frost).

You also get four new lipglasses-all frosty, and more pale. Frozen Dream is the one stand-out to me, and Snowscene could be nice since Snowgirl was just discontinued.

Finally, there are lashes, and two Reflects glitters. Both of the glitters are actually being discontinued from what I heard (at least I know Transparent Teal is, but dunno about Antiqued Gold), so it is a good chance to pick them up.


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