The Year That Was MAC: 2008, Part 2

14 December, 2008

So a couple months ago, I posted my review-thingy of the MAC collections that came out in the first half of 2008. I have the second half right here, and it won’t have the new permanent launches that I haven’t tried yet (like Dazzlelash), or the 26 December collections (Chill, Dame Edna).

Electroflash/Sonic Chic/New View: July 2008
What I bought: Nothing. I do really want to get Nuance blush, as well as Fresh Green Mix and Sea & Sky MES.
Total Collection opinion: This was one that I skipped, regrettably. Funds were short, I had clothes to buy, and at first glance it didn’t appeal. I’ve heard bad things about the MES, and I skipped the two I wanted. However, I regret it more and more because they are unique colours that I could get some usage out of-and the mineralized formula would work very well.

Colour Forms: July 2008
What I bought: Warm lips palette, Gilded Green, Royal Flush
What I still use: All of it! Gilded Green I reach for the least, but Royal Flush looks AMAZING with Amber Lights. And the warm lips is a staple for me-when it hits the CCO, I will POUNCE-mainly for Oh Garnet.
Total Collection Opinion: I would have to say pound for pound, this was one of the better collections of the year. The lipsticks were interesting, with the sheer goldish core, and I would have bought Rose-go-Round if I had the cash. The pigments were good, for the most part. Steel Blue was the dud, not to mention it’s permanent at the Pro stores, and Jardin Aires has come out so many times you would think it was permanent. I am wanting to get Circa Plum and Tea Time, since I tried the four LE ones and I got the two I liked the best. Royal Flush is way better than Heritage Rouge, IMO. The Colour Form Powders definitely looked appealing but I had to pass, as I have a lot like that already. The Richmetal highlighters aren’t something I have heard the greatest stuff about, and I hate cream stuff unless it is a CCB. Finally, you had the brush sets. While the brush sets aren’t the greatest quality, these were divided into Basic and Advanced-and you not only got a bag, but you got a brush holder as well. GENIUS!!!

Lustre Twins: July 2008
What I got: Nothing, but I wanted Red Flame/Orange Flicker
Total Collection Opinion: This was definitely something to help put the spotlight on the longwears, at least in my opinion. This makes it seem interesting, as the gloss coat is a different colour, and longwear lovers would be certain to find something interesting.

Starflash: July 2008
What I bought: Sunset B.
Do I still use it? NO.
Total Collection Opinion: Saying that what I bought was crap is being charitable. No matter what brush I used-275, 213, little Avon liner brush-I could not get the colour to go on, and then I couldn’t get the colour to stay on, even over paint or with a primer. Definite disappointment. I feel bad not having given many of the other colours a chance, but one shadow can ruin it all.

Cult of Cherry: August 2008
What I got: Cult of Cherry, Rich & Ripe
Do I still use? I use both of them on occasion, but I don’t do reds as often now.
Total Collection Opinion: This was not my cup of tea, however this was definitely a glamourpuss kind of collection-intense on both the eyes and the lips. I would have also picked up Blooming and then a backup of Cult of Cherry, however those two items sold out fast. Despite the fact that the collection was so dark, everyone could find something they wanted. The eyeshadow quads are actually very workable, for the most part. There was quite the diversity with the lip products, as you had 5 lipglasses, 5 lipsticks (two repromos), and then four Mattene lipsticks.

Overrich: August 2008
What I got: Nothing
Total Collection Opinion: This was a neutral/warm colour lover’s DREAM, as you had a lot of bronzes, browns, and so forth. None of them really screamed out to me though-and 6 of the 7 newer ones (all but Mega-Rich) are permanent at Pro stores.

Emanuel Ungaro: September 2008
What I got: Nothing
Total Collection Opinion: This is definitely a very commercially-viable collection, as the shadows were all satins or mattes for the most part, the lips were lighter, and you had two CCB’s. I find CCB’s to be very underrated, but they were marketed as a multiple product-for lips and cheeks-and suddenly it seems less scary or intimidating to the casual makeup fan. One product that does two things? Sold!

Suite Array: September 2008
What I got: Nothing
Total Collection Opinion: This collection was so blah to me. The eyeshadow suites weren’t interesting, and the pearlglide liners were blah for the most part as well. I find that I get way better colours from Urban Decay’s liners.

Gold Fever: September 2008
What I got: Silver Fog, Gold (glitter), plus I had Golden Lemon and 3D Silver.
Do I still use it? Yes, rarely, and on occasion.
Total Collection Opinion: A lot of people complained about how this was all repromotes-but it was done in a very clever way. I equate it to a stylist coming into your closet and helping you make outfits with what you have. The highlight for me was Silver Fog, which is a staple pigment for me. The glitters and Golden Lemon are also fun to have, and all of them got use for my Halloween costume, which was the disco-queen superheroine Gold Fever. There were also Slimshines, Fluidlines, Liquidlast-you name it.

Manish Arora: October 2008
What I got: EVERYTHING!!!!
Do I still use it? ABSOLUTELY!
Total Collection Opinion: This was my other favourite collection of the year! It was an online exclusive that sold out insanely fast, and wins for best packaging of the year. The palette had four permanent shades and then two LE repromos, and the contents aren’t great-I am not a fan of Going Bananas-but it is good to have. The 213SE in there sucks though. The two blushes are both permanent-well Devil is at the Pro level-but it’s still nice to a) have actual blush, and b) have it in the funky overprinted clamshell. The two lipglasses for me were a must-have as they are bright, totally pigmented, and all-out amazing. Finally, you had the two lipsticks. Girl About Town is a nice muted fuschia, but still bright enough for my tastes, while Kiss Manish is an amazing frosty red-think Port Red with a little Sci-Fi-Delity in there.

Sheer Minerals: October 2008
What I bought: So Ceylon, Petticoat
Do I still use them? Daily.
Total Collection Opinion: This was a part of the mineral juggernaut. Repromoing two very beloved MSF’s and introducing the new permanent one, along with some Sheersheen powders. While I skipped the Sheersheens, as I heard they went on very dark, I got the two LE MSF’s and I love the hell out of them. Petticoat is an amazing blush, while So Ceylon is a nice bronzer and not as intimidating as it looks in the package.

House of Minerals: October 2008
What I got: Nothing yet-however Gold Deposit is on my Christmas list.
Total Collection Opinion: This collection is mainly a displayer, however the most notable thing is what is permanent. Six of the Mineralize blushes from Sonic Chic, along with six Mineralize eyeshadows, and two MSF’s all became permanent, and it’s a displayer that not only displays those with the Mineralize foundations, but they also show the brushes that are best to use with the Mineralize products-so it makes it very coherent and easy to shop.

Red She Said: October 2008
What I bought: Nothing, however I could go for Red She Said, Miss Dynamite, and Enough Said.
Total Collection Opinion: This was a bit of a clunker. Yes, there were Dazzleglass, and that was the best thing. The best of the lipsticks were Pomposity and Red She Said-nothing else really was great. And let’s get to those craptacular MES trios! Oy, they sucked. BIG-TIME. With a middle stripe that is nothing more than chunky glitter, and bad payoff for the colours-none of them have sold out on the US site, and honestly, they aren’t all that special.

Holiday 2008: October/November 2008 (This collection was all of the specialty things)
What I Bought: The coral and the pink lipglass sets.
Do I still use? Yes, I use many of the lipglasses.
Total Collection Opinion: This was many different parts. Passions of Red were the eye and the lip palettes-and the only one that seemed interesting was the Cool Eyes-the Classic had a lot of craptacular shades, and the palettes were WAY sheer. Adoring Carmine were the lip bags (two full-size lipsticks, and a mini Lipglass), and the Red actually would be one I would get, if I had the cash. Passionately Red were the Viva Glam palettes, and I like the idea, but I hate the packaging. I did a review of the Little Darlings a little while back. There are the Kids Helping Kids, which I totally would have gotten but my counter sold out of the cards. Finally, there are the exclusives. There’s a brush canister, where it’s $40 instead of $49.50 for the 5 basic brushes. There’s the Enchanting Vermillion eye kit (a Nordstrom exclusive) that had a full-size Blacktrack fluidline, a full-size glitter liner, and then a mini Zoomlash and a 209SE, and then the Glamour Bag, which has a full-sized Belightful IPP and full-sized Bare Slimshine, as well as a mini Zoomlash and then-get this-a 181SE!!!

Metal Urge: November 2008
What I Bought: Nothing, however I already have Reflects Very Pink.
Total Collection Opinion: Honestly, the highlights were the Reflects Glitters, because they are usually just in the Pro stores. If you bought all the glitters with Originals last year, the only revolutionary ones are Reflects Purple Duo and Reflects Bronze. The Liquidlast liners are permanent, except for Visionaire and Molten Sol. The pigments-two of them are repromoted, and then there is Spiritualize, the new one. Finally, Metal-X! Woo…not. I am glad to have never tried them as cream shadows on me are bad.

Monogram: November 2008
What I bought: Nothing
Total Collection Opinion: I’m not as into the couture collections. The lipglasses I have found to be way to sheer, and the lipsticks I have not had the chance to try. The Sheerspark powders seem like a sparklier version of the IPP’s, but the fact that the case is so small makes it harder to use. Finally, I should get to know the Sheer Mystery powders, as I will be getting the one with Hello Kitty.

So that, for the most part, was the Year in MAC: 2008.


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