CCO Bound

2 December, 2008

So today, I went up to the CCO on a whim and they had JUST gotten in a brand new shipment! The shipment day is always the best to go, as there are many items that come in very small quantities. For example, Star Violet and In Living Pink-there was only one of each of those. You also get the best selection of everything. Sometimes though it is best to go the very next day, as they will have put everything out.

My goal usually is to try and pick up LE items that I skipped, as well as backups of some of my much-loved items. Then I will take a look and see what fun interesting items they have gotten in, to see if there is anything that I HAVE to have. It will also get to a point eventually where I mainly go for brushes and the Michael Kors perfumes-as they carry them.

Anywhoo, today’s selection was not great-but there was enough to where any makeup fan would want to make a trip up, if for even just one or two things. First off, the eyeshadow selection was boring. Pagan, Claire de Lune, and then a few assorted Matte2 shadows. Definitely skippable. There is always a nice selection of Lipglasses, and there were several interesting ones, although I feel bad because the lipstick (Pomposity) and lipglass (Palatial) that I skipped out on the last time were sold out. There were tons and tons of different lashes. The lashes are definitely an easy item to use for a Back to Mac, as if you have any cheap lash things you can put the lashes on there and then B2M the case.

As far as brushes went, there were the usual discontinued ones-311, 183, 221, and so forth. There were some permanent ones too-222, 224, 213, 231, among others. They just got in the Fafi 129, which is nice because it comes in a travel pouch. There also still were some Stylistics 129 brushes. In addition, there are many brush sets. They had one Antiquitease brush set-I believe it was the basic set-and then the canister brush set from 2006. The obvious exciting thing to me were the Colour Forms brush sets, at least both colours of the advanced set. There were a few other different ones as well, and if you are a CCO shopper you have no excuse to buy a brush set for full price.

There was a LOT more Colour Forms stuff-Rose Buillion Richmetal Highlighter, all of the lipsticks except for the brighter pink one, both of the eye palettes, and Jardin Aires pigment. There was a lot of Naughty Nauticals as well. All of the Lustreglasses were in as well as Meet the Fleet and then Mutiny and Bell-Bottom Blue pigments. In addition to the 129 brush, there was much more Fafi-two lipglasses, four lipsticks (Flash-n-Dash, Utterly Frivolous, High Top, Not So Innocent), Hipness blush, and both of the eye trios.

They were still putting out things, and if you are a fan of paint pots, you would have been very happy. Ditto on the paints. I would definitely have picked up several paints if I had the money, but I could only get three things-so I got Flash-n-Dash and Viz-a-Violet. Flash-n-Dash is a backup, but it is such a perfect red for me since it is a glaze finish. Viz-a-Violet is a really nice purple, and I can’t wait to see it on me. I also got Mutiny for a friend of mine. Oh, if only I had money…


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