Nordstrom Fragrance Festival

30 November, 2008

So today, before work, I had the chance to go to the Nordie’s fragrance event-and it is definitely something one should not miss. I’m talking save up money, do whatever you need to in order to get your perfumes. I only buy two full-priced perfumes a year and one is at this time.

So with my ticket booked a couple weeks in advance, I not only got a free lunch at the cafe (you get a little menu, and then free coffee), but the $10 I paid could be used towards my purchase. I knew I was not going to be going for the atomizer, but I would have loved it.

Then comes smelling. I had been meaning to try Angel for awhile…and let me just say, NO. Patchouli, chocolate, and tobacco together are a huge NO. The lady at the Thierry Mugler section then dragged me over to try Elle, and let me just say that I played along like a good sport because I want to be nice, and I lurve the Peony. But you get patchouli right off the bat. Elle is simply an abomination to perfumes.

The Harajuku Lovers fragrances are nice, and I would definitely buy one or two for the figurines. The fragrances are all very fruity, which is nice…but G is the worst. Ocean Lounge is what I was going to get, but I wanted to take a look around.

Ange ou Demon is nice but it’s very sharp and spicy, and it made my eyes water. Definite no. The Bvlgari Jasmin Noir though is a nice one, and I am not a jasmine person. True Religion was okay, but nothing terribly special. Crystal Noir is nice, and Bright Crystal is pretty decent as well. They were a bit out of my price range though. Viva La Juicy is one I am definitely tempted by, but I avoided (yay!).

I kept coming back to the Michael Kors/Thierry Mugler area, and the TM lady was nice enough to break apart a sample set to give me a vial of Pivoine Angel!!! Like all I need is one spray and BAM. Then I tried the new Michael Kors ones. Very Pretty is a really nice fragrance, it’s a kinda fruity floral with musk-so not like an Escada. Then there was Island Bermuda-and it had me at plumeria. I found out later that it has no plumeria, but rather tiare flower, freesia, and peony, among other things. It’s a soft yet exotic tropical floral, and it’s definitely me. It’s not a forced kind of sexy or anything.

Along with my bottle of Island Bermuda, I got a little traincase, as well as a few samples. The Juicy Couture one fell out however I got two men’s ones, and then four womens. Missoni Acqua is one I will be buying VERY shortly, let’s just put it that way. I have Hanae Mori already, and it’s okay but not great. Kenzo Flower is interesting. It kind of smells babypowder-ish, but that’s due to the rose. I wouldn’t buy this for myself, but the bottle is certainly nice. Finally there is David Yurman, which has a god-awful bergamot to open but then you get a mandarin and patchouli mix that is actually decent, but not special.

I might regret not getting the Escada, however I will get it before too much longer because it is just too amazing. I was surprised though that there was no Valentino (either that, or it sold out).


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