Happy Friday!

28 November, 2008

So how was Black Friday? I am definitely glad it is over, at least for me. The nice part about working the early shift in a mall is that it isn’t insane, so we can have fun and be good with clients, and still have time to get to some sales.

Express had 20% off everything in the store-and they luckily had a skirt that I own in a different colour, marked down to $16. I am a big fan of Express because the pieces are decent quality-wise, the clearance sales are amazing, and they are fun without screaming teenybopper. Sure, I still do love Hollister and A&F from time to time, but the prices for what they are is out of my budget most of the time. Anyways, the skirt has a sort of fly-away style pleat in the front, and it’s a black and grey houndstooth. I prefer to wear skirts a lot of the time, so this was a definite winner. Sure I did not NEED it, but it’s an insane deal.

Vicky’s also had their GWP-and I have to say, it’s the best of the totes. First off, it’s a thinner fabric, so it is more flexible-meaning that I can more easily use it as say, a beach bag or a tote. Last year’s tote was just so huge and bulky, and the year before I missed the GWP but I bought the PWP, and it is nice, but at the same time, bulky. The tote itself is way nice-it’s a basic black that has handles that cinch the top together, and then the fairly small-ish design is a chair and then ribbon. It’s definitely something that ties into the direction that the company is going in-almost going back to the roots as being more classy, womanly, elegant and less sex, sex, sex. Then there were 5 small guys in there-and they were good. You had your Strawberry Fizz lipgloss, which is pretty much the same as our Frozen Daquiri, but it’s still good nonetheless. There was the little Love Spell body spray, which goes in the donation box. Then three good ones! First was a little sample of the new Dream Angels Wish. I am IN LOVE with it. In a way, it reminds me of Chanel Chance. It’s got the pink pepper and the bergamot, as well as a very nice grapefruit. I normally hate bergamot but this with the grapefruit is something else. Then it goes to a vanilla-y floral, with jasmine and honeysuckle along with cashmere woods. It’s definitely a must-have in my book, and a very good fragrance for someone younger too. Then there was a little guy of the Supermodel shimmer lotion. I FRICKIN LOVE SUPERMODEL. I have the shimmer spray in it (that is sadly underused) but it is a nice summer fragrance. Anyways this lotion is definitely very liberal on the shimmer, but I mainly like that it’s a small thing of it, so I can just stick it in my purse. Finally, there was a mini of their High Definition mascara. I have not tried it, as I am holding off for a bit. However, I love how they put mascara in, as mascara is something I always need to have a ton of.

And I was definitely right about the fact that the electronics stores would have huge lines-but I didn’t go there. I just went to JcPenney, got my snowglobes, and then I went to work. If I had money, I would have definitely spent, spent, spent. Tomorrow is the Nordie’s fragrance event and I will defintely be trying out a ton of perfumes. I already know that I will be buying Escada’s new Ocean Lounge fragrance, which is similar to Ibiza Hippie but a tad bit sweeter. However, there are loads of different fragrances for me to try.


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