ULTA Black Friday Ad

27 November, 2008

UPDATE: The 2009 ad can be found here.

So I see that people have been wanting this ad-and while I did not get it in the mail, I did get an email about it waiting for me! So here goes.

Every year, Smashbox does a mini value set. This one is $20, and it has two cosmetic bags, an eye trio, a lip gloss, and then a lip pencil. I have the set from last year and while I don’t use it often, it was great. This is definitely the one that brings people into the store, especially since many don’t normally use Smashbox and use this as a way to give it a try.

There looks to be another Smashbox set too-a $12.99 set-but I can’t access all of the details on it.

A set that I did see in store today was a little Bourjois set. It’s $25, and has four of the little eyeshadows (I believe loose powder form), a mini mascara (that can be clipped onto your phone), and then a mini eyeshadow brush. The nice thing is that the brush looks to be decent quality, so it could be great for travel. I personally have not tried Bourjois but this, I will definitely be short-listing for Christmas.Back to Smashbox-they have created their own Beauty Blockbuster palette, exclusive to ULTA, for $59. And the contents? 70 shadows, 8 lip glosses, 8 cream eyeliners, 4 lip colours, two blushes, brow tech, Soft Lights, Bronze Lights, and then four brushes. The brushes, while not great, look to be at least decent for a blockbuster kit. I will definitely put this on the list as well, and I am not one to like those beauty blockbusters. It is seriously like a treasure chest.

On the lower end, there is a Revlon deal-purchase $12 in Revlon, and get a free 4 piece set. I have not seen it yet, however that’s a really good deal. In a different Revlon category, you can get a 1″ flatiron or an ionic hairdryer for $10-normally $25.

Friday and Saturday only, there is an insane deal-a bareMinerals mineral veil trio for $15. It has two powder things and then a brush (the bareMinerals sets always come with brushes), and if you know anyone who loves the bareMinerals stuff, this is a must-have for the stocking.

On a side note, I am OBSESSED with Jaqua’s Raspberry Buttercream Frosting. Well in ULTA, there are several new sets that are trios-Pink Buttercream Frosting, Cocoa Buttercream Frosting, and the Raspberry. There is one of the lip glosses, which is $24 for the 3. You can get a trio of the hand creams for $22-and I am running through my Raspberry Buttercream Frosting like there is no tomorrow. If you need shower creams, there is a trio of them that looks to be the full-sizes…and it is $30. One full size is normally $18-so if they indeed ARE full-sized, you are saving a lot of money. Finally, there is a Pink Buttercream Frosting set (it’s amazing too) that has the full size of the shower cream and hand cream, plus a small size of the body butter, for $30.

There are loads of other deals, I’m too tired to type them all out…however the ad should be in newspapers by tomorrow.

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